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The Oaks Early Excellence project
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The school is an average-size primary school. The numbers of pupils are increasing. The majority of pupils are White British.A very high proportion of pupils (82%) are disadvantaged and eligible for support through the pupil premium (additional funding for pupils known to be eligible for free school meals or in care).The proportion of disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs supported at school action, school action plus or with a statement of special educational needs is above average. (35%)The school meets the government’s current floor standards, which set the minimum expectations for pupils’ attainment and progress in English and mathematics. The staff at The Oaks want our school to be an outstanding school providing the best care and education for children. In order to inspire children to be involved with their education the objectives of this projects are to enhance Early Years provision for the best possible start for children who enter school already below national developmental levels. Therefore, the project aim is then to build on an excellent start with an effective creative curriculum throughout the school and inspiring and strong leadership across the whole school. The objectives of this projects are:*To enrich our school provision with a creative approach to teaching and learning from Early Years to Year six that will enhance learning opportunities for all children. *To include the wider community including playgroups, peer mediators and family support workers within a creative and reflective approach to education and work with children. *To raise teaching standards of our school using effective feedback and reflective skills gained through developing leadership in a European context*To enrich our curriculum through observation of excellent teaching practice and leadership in Europe.*To develop leadership skills for disseminating good practice across a whole school and to the wider community.These objectives have been chosen following senior leadership meetings which focused on writing the school development plan and considering how this would best be implemented whilst motivating staff and enthusing children to learn. The school governors and leadership team discussed the focuses of development for the school and prioritized the up skilling of staff to meet the needs of the children. The Early Years team have looked to adopt a more creative approach to learning based on individual needs and interests of children. The intention is to inspire and motivate young learners and encourage a passion for education that will then be adopted through school life. The staff who have expressed an initial interest in the Erasmus+ training courses have in the past read/researched the practice in these countries as part of their own continued professional development. The training courses have been chosen after careful consideration of the needs of the children, staff, school and community that the school embraces. The courses provide a focus on projects for staff before attending training which will allow staff attending to finely tune the focus of their visit. The daily reflection and sharing of good practice that the course provides will ensure staff are prepared to disseminate skills to meet the objectives listed on their return. It is also the intention of our school to build and maintain links with other schools. The intention is to provide structured training in Italy and Finland for ten key staff across all key stages of our school to ensure that a coherent vision is embedded and understood by all staff . Also that the leadership team is developed with a shared understanding to move the school forwards. Selection of such staff will be based on enthusiasm and willingness to attend, ability and passion to lead change and motivate staff prior to, during and on return from the course. The ability to lead staff through change with a clear vision will be taken into account.The chosen training courses will enthuse and impassion staff to share good practice across the school and create children who are involved and passionate about their own learning. Our staff will work collaboratively to develop the RAP and ensure that the activities and projects carried out before during and after the training are understood by and involve all staff and meet all staff needs.We envisage that the impact of the training will be to raise teaching and pedagogy standards and give our leadership team confidence and a tool to move learning effective teaching and learning forward. This will be monitored through regular reviews of the development plans and RAP and impacts and benefits shared with staff, governors, other schools and the wider community.
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