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Teachers 2.0, schools, territories and Europe in an Open Learning Environment:
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project takes account of the local context where our school is located, from both a physical and a demographic point of view. First, considering the physical aspect of our territory, the scattering of the pupils' families must be underlined. Local population spreads out over a wide territory that has been struck by hydro geologic phenomena that have caused numerous interruptions of the school service. Second, as far as the demographic aspect is concerned, it is necessary to consider the fact that an increasing number of foreign students have recently arrived in our area. Therefore, our school, which has been traditionally characterized by a high level of special needs, is now marked by a high rate of foreign pupils. Consequently, our project aims at creating a learning environment free from physical and cultural limits and it pursues the following objectives: − to grant the continuity of the school year and a longer school day thanks to the use of ICTs; − to reinforce teachers' language competences in order to teach foreign languages to pupils at an early age and to organize CLIL lessons and projects. All these measures are aimed at increasing language competences of our pupils at the end of their first eight years of compulsory education; − to create an open, inclusive, multicultural and Europe-oriented learning environment thanks to teachers' digital and language competences. The participants will be 12. They have been chosen according to one or more pre-requisites among the following: language competence, digital competence, inclusive teaching. We think that if the teachers involved in the project strengthen their competences, they will be able to promote a larger renewal of our school. The activities that we have planned to do concern both in- service training and teaching and they consist of three steps. The preliminary stage will see the teachers attending language courses in order to enhance their linguistic competences for their mobility experience. Secondly, during the mobility phase, teachers will take part in foreign language teaching courses (even through ICT), job shadowing experiences and observation of interesting and stimulating teaching experiences concerning digital teaching and language teaching at partner schools. Finally, teachers will share their experience with their school colleagues and with the local audience by organizing workshops or lectures. As far as the project methodology is concerned, the participants have initially worked in order to learn how to plan an Erasmus + project. After that, they have carried out a web searching (through web portals and E-twinning) to find possible partners and courses for the implementation of the project. The following results are expected: − improvement of the services offered by the school thanks to the increasing use of the digital teaching; − enhancement of students and teachers' language competences; − stronger and more effective planning and organizing competences thanks to the support and to the experience of the team involved in the project; − strengthened consciousness of the European dimension of teaching-learning implemented through dissemination activities. The long -term benefits will concern the following aspects: a) teachers' professional skills: they are expected to reinforce their competences and to strengthen the synergy of these competences; b) pupils learning results: distance learning and teaching process will be better oriented towards European standards; c) growth of the organization: staff members will be able to compare and contrast their working practices with European partners; d) dissemination in the school of a new consciousness about learning and teaching in a European background and dimension. Teachers will be able to compare their teaching methods with different ones and could be inspired by their partners' teaching and learning experiences.
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