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Teacher Professional Development: Creative Methodology amidst Crisis
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project that I intend to carry out with colleagues and students is going to foster three issues: 1) Teacher professional development, 2) Creativity, 3) cultural awareness. 1. Teacher Professional Development. A need has been identified for teachers in our school to move from the traditional method of teaching to modern techniques where students and teachers learn from and via each other. To attain this need, I am going to give presentations to the staff of my school about new ways of teaching that I will learn about from talking to and exchanging ideas with the teachers I am going to meet in the programme in ADC college. After the presentations, I will organise all teachers involved in the project to open the doors of their classrooms to other teachers, headship and people from the Ministry of Education (e.g. inspector)in order to spread new teaching methods all over our country and be role models of effective teaching-learning practices, practices that promote the joy of learning, practices that create a warm learning classroom climate. 2. Creativity A need has been identified for teachers and students to be creative within the school. If we promote dialogue and accept that our students have special inclinations, we need to find the way to lead them to creativity and contribute to their reaching self-actualization - the stage where they can enhance those inclinations and talents to the maximum. For the attainment of the need of creativity, I am going to divide the teachers who will be involved in the project into teams on the basis of their subject, and each teacher will create a team of students - a team of art, music, languages, poetry, literature etc. The teams will decide on the activities to do and we will announce those activities, which may extend to other schools through collaborative projects. 3. Cultural awareness. A need has been identified that teachers and students in our school get ware of other cultures in order to avoid being biased against them. T satisfy this need, I am going to create teams of teachers and students, talk to the teams about the experience I will have with the mix of cultures during my participation in the programme at ADC College and I will contribute to their being sensitive and show understanding to all cultures. Then the teams will have meeting and decide on activities that promote respect to other cultures. Such activities may range from photography exhibitions and comparison of a tradition to communication via teleconferencing and the e-twinning platform. Note: At this stage, I have few ideas. If I participate in the programme, these ideas will multiply and they will extend further through the teams of teachers and students that will be created as thoae teams will bring to each meeting that we will have a wealth of views, ideas and thoughts. I consider it important to state that I have already contacted ADC College and talked to Mr Tommaso Pallanch who is in charge of the course that I intend to attend: Creative Methodology. As it is a teacher development programme designed for individual teachers, ADC College is not determined as a partner of the project that is to be carried out in my school community within the year 2015-2016, and that is the reason why ADC College has not provided information about their organisation as being partner of the project. The information about the course 'Creative Methodology' can be reached through their website:

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