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serving tradition and identity with the help of joint programs and making value-saving films (TRADinBORD)
Start date: Oct 31, 2011, End date: Oct 30, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main activities of the cooperative media program Maintaining traditions and identities of local communities are the following: 1. Preparation, labelling and the exchange of film documentation about traditionalist groups, prominent folk art values, and traditional crafts in the regions of the Hungarian Mórahalom and the Serbian North Bačka; 2. Organizing conferences to explore the role of the media in preserving the traditions and identity, with the participation of civilians; 3. Organizing media festivals both at Mórahalom and Hajdukovo, and a Traditions Fair on the Serbian side of the border; 4. Creating a common value-archive homepage. The overall aim of the program is to familiarize the people living in different settlements at the two sides of the Hungarian-Serbian border with their common cultural heritage and local folklore values, as well as, to present the work of the local folk groups and organizations that were established to preserve the cultural values of local communities. Achievements: The project partners intended to strengthen culturally and ethnically diverse cross-border connections and to make cooperation become a natural part of everyday life by unfolding and familiarising common cultural traditions. The media has an undisputable role in forming opinions, so the partnership took advantage of the power of the media to preserve and develop the national identities of the Serbian and Hungarian minorities in the border region. In the course of the project the partners made a PR ocumentary movie and short films about craftsmanship, folk and traditional values and practical skills. The medium of film enables the complex perpetuation of the local cultural heritage, and it is also an effective tool in the popularisation of the old customs. The prepared short films were presented at the Cultural media Festival, the main theme of which was the preservation of traditions and their application in contemporary society. The keywords of the project were mutual understanding, friendship and trust, as well as international security and stability. To achieve these goals the partners also organised civil forums on both sides of the border and a joint closing conference at which people could learn one another and about each others traditions through common activities. An important part of the project was the project website with continuously updated new information about the activities and local values. This way the spread of information about local traditions information may continue in the long term.As a result of the project, the regions folk values got greater publicity, and cross-border economic and social relations became stronger. The partners tried to preserve and popularise old traditions using modern tools, and this approach is one of the reasons for their success. The population in the border region learnt new information and expanded their viewpoints; they became more willing to cooperate as they preserved existing relationships, formed new cooperation and preserved their customs and those of the regional minority.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Hungary - Serbia IPA CBC (HU-RS)
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