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Schulen auf dem Weg zu Europa

The project „Schools on the Way to Europe“ started in 2008/09 and was carried out till the end of 2009/2010. Regular meetings and discussions contributed to the successful advancement of the project.Both in group work and regular classes discussions about culture in every participants´ country were held. Presentations of different cultures were given at our project meetings. The following items were dealt with:1. Facts about the European countries involved, their school systems, the students’ daily routines and everyday life were given by the students through videos, powerpoint presentations and debate sessions at the meetings.2. Regional identity: - typical houses of the participants’ towns were portrayed and presented in the participating schools in the form of a „wandering exhibition“.- People of our towns were photographed and exhibited along with the paintings. 3.Cultures of the participating countries:- Literatures: short stories of the five countries were chosen, read in translation (German or English) and compared (Book of Short Stories);- Tales of the five countries: typical tales were chosen, collected and performed on the stage during the meeting in Warendorf. The final product was a collection of the chosen tales and of their translations in all the languages. The book is regularly used in curricular lessons in the five schools.- Traditional songs of the five countries were performed at all meetings.4. Comparison between the similarities and differences in the cultures of the five countries: essays on prejudices (image and reality) were written by the students. At the Italian and Turkish meeting they were presented and discussed (development of skills in foreign languages and in intercultural communication).Strenghtening of one’s own identity by means of confrontation with different cultures: 5. Development of FL skills, particularly at the meetings.

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