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Risk in Py
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Risk in Py "is centered on understanding the mountain areas in Europe by regional populations. Indeed, many people live in these remote areas without knowing the real. Teens youth populations are often the most affected by this phenomenon. in addition, asked to leave for professional reasons in that territory, young people aged between 18 and 30 years will only return as "practice" the mountain, with all the risks surrounding it. Mountain areas in Europe are often remote and inaccessible territories danger synonymous. They are also changing in light of the consequences of climate change. The Pyrenees, from physical border between the two countries (Spain and France) have gradually become a free zone, intercultural sharing and economic exchange between the two countries. Including Canfranc area (its name comes from campo-free), which connects the Aspe valley (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) and Canfranc Valley (Aragon). Today, the physical border between the two countries no longer exists because the technology has managed one of his challenge: overcoming obstacles there is little overwhelming. Thus, the 34 French and Spanish active participants of the project (12 French and 12 Spanish young people +5 French youth workers and many Spanish), after the recent incidents in the Pyrenees but also the experience and history of these past, proposed to become a public resource on thematic issues and risks in the mountains. A population awareness attending these territories - sporadically or sustainable manner - is necessary. "Risk in Py" wants to be a project to promote European mountain areas, especially this Pyrénées zone (Aspe and Canfranc) which will host the activities and play potential they present. Indeed, fun activities such as sports, nature and discovery of the environment are recognized for their beneficial effects on physical, mental and emotional health. We don't want to scared or put off persons. By following rules, the mountain and its characteristics are an extra ordinary playground. To address these issues, the project has set several objectives such as exchange frameworks for understanding the risks in mountains, different management methods (depending on country) and similarities related to the rescue. It is also to learn for all the participants the basics of emergency (first aid) according to a method developed by trainers from each country. To achieve its goals, the project is built around two major types of activities taking place both in the Aspe and Canfranc (geographically the same valley but "cut" administratively by the Franco-Spanish border) : - A Youth Worker mobility activity to share and discuss teaching methods of apprehension and awareness on the topic of challenges and risks in the mountains. - An exchange activity and preparatory visit so that all participants learn and share through actions on the concepts mentioned above. Finally, through this project, all participants will increase their knowledge concerning opportunities for mountain activities in Europe, which by definition will help to expand the regulated recreational activities in European mountains. Despite the news and all accidents (sometimes fatal), few people, especially young people will learn certain basic safety rules. One of the major impacts of the project will be know to learn to respect the rules (so in part, national and European laws), and must not be seen as constraints. In addition, participants will learn the basics of first aid and will be ability to provide first aid in the mountains.
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