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Professionalisering Geuzencollege
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Lentiz | Geuzencolllege is la Christian school ocated in Vlaardingen, where the student population is a melting pot of various nationalities. This makes the acquisition of intercultural competencies inherent to the offered education, since the school has high standards regarding the social environment. In the lessons, therefore, a large part of the time is spent on respect for cultures and the significance of the religions in everyday life. Many of our students end up in the regional and local business which are situated in an international environment. All students gain knowledge about Europe and the Netherlands in this international environmen. Exchanges for the target group of the school just a bridge too far, because the indications and backgrounds of our students. For this reason, the international aspects have to be injected in our education in another way. The entire student population is trained to be an international citizen through a curriculum that is permeated by international and intercultural aspects. These aspects focus on strengthening language, internationalization through e-mail projects and enhancing intercultural competencies of students through projects and assignments in social studies lessons, English and Dutch. The school is well regarded in 2013 as in 2014 as ' Excellent school; a prestigious endorsement. Because the number of excellent schools at the level of VMBO basic education is scarce, the school is looking for input on its curriculum at the international level in order to maintain the excellent level. The school therefore needs trained staff at an international level, so that it retains its curriculum on a high quality level. The input of the courses are used to renew the curriculum. This innovation is implemented conscientiously. For this reason, the choice has been made to train the staff incrementally. The first section of the personnel that starts with this innovation, is the section of physical education. The curriculum of this course is going to be innovated with the input of this project. A teacher of this section is therefore trained in a new range of sports and weaves a digital component herein, as the school offers its classes in this way. Digital means during physical education are used for example of students filming each other during sporting activities; analyze these images with the teacher and based on these analyzes adjust their game and movements. The most important activities and methods are: Preparation phase There will be three internal meetings where the starting level of the teachers are measured and to compose the learning agreements for the teachers. Further the teachers will match their learning goals to the vision of the education group and the vision of the school. Execution phase In this stage, the teacher participates in the project at Oxford, England. Reflective phase The teacher writes in this phase for herself how she will disseminate the gained knowledge and reflects if she has met her learning goal. Disseminating phase Dissemination is via meetings of the physical education teachers of the school and of the Lentiz educationgroup. Also via meetings of the Excellent Schools community and schools who are interested in the way Excellent schools carry out their curricula. Long term effects The long term effects are multiple: - Lentiz | Geuzencollege maintains the predicate Excellent school - The quality of teaching in the physical education department is brought to a higher level, where the knowledge is secured in the curriculum and the department - The vision of internationalization of the Lentiz educationgroup is reinforced
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