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Pilotprojekt fur Existenzgrunderinnen und Fuhrungskrafte in KMU-Betrieben

The project addresses the area of women in small and medium enterprises. It aims at developing an e-learning training programme in order to improve (equal) opportunities for women in the labour market. Target groups are founders of new businesses and executives in SMEs, especially wives and daughters of entrepreneurs needing to take over a SME, women entering into a professional career, consultants for women as job-seekers. The project shall foster the sensibility of entrepreneurs to help women to bring themselves into decision making processes. The project activities shall bring out the following results: a new model structure of consultancy with the link between consultants and entrepreneurs, an e-learning training programme containing three modules: 1. communication, 2. management and leadership, 3. action strategies and techniques (the modules will be produced in the languages of the partnership), a platform, a test and evaluation methodology for participants, a certification model. Valorisation shall be done during the partner meetings, as well as with a platform, a website, press articles, contact to federations, workshops and a final seminar. The project outcomes shall have an impact on the training offer of enterprises where the results shall be integrated. A network shall be built. In a longer term entrepreneurship of women shall be improved with specific look at the new EU member countries, training centres and schools shall use the products of the project.
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