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Myths and Legends - the unifying element of European culture
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project "Myths and Legends" investigates the contribution of myths and legends to the formation of the socio-cultural structure of the European Union, and also the knowledge of European citizens about the myths and legends. Its aims are to develop our understanding of different cultures and how they can be integrated, to contribute to the construction of a common European culture. With help of this project we want to increase and improve our communication in foreign languages and consequently to learn them. As the main target groups are teachers and students of participating schools, we would like to support the active participation of the pupils. They will discover and study national and international myths and legends. The results of their work will be brochure with 2 or 3 myths from each country, presented in English and all national languages. Another important output is performance. Pupils will perform one national myth and together with all partners one international myth. Application of performance (show) for language learning is one of the innovative approaches. Teachers, pupils and researchers will be exchange their data, information and experiments in a collaborative space (e.g. website, E-twinning Desktop) dedicated to the project. In addition, participants will learn how to use various means of communication such as Facebook, Google chat, E-twinning , how to use modern technology (smartphones, tablets) in their lessons. This is the further contribution to innovation in education. There are about 50 teachers and about 60 pupils who will participate in the international project meetings and student exchanges. But much more will work on project during 2 years in their schools so the impact on at least 2000 pupils and 200 teachers from participating schools is expected. The main expected impacts are: an increase of the interest of teachers in usage of ICT means and various programs in teaching, deepening knowledge of the partner countries cultures and increase of awareness of different cultures. The project outputs will be offered to be used for training of teachers in the region so the other regional schools can also benefit from this project. We hope in enhancing the commitment of local and regional public authorities in the qualitative development of the education.
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