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Micro- and Nanostructured Polysaccharide Interfaces (POLY-INTER-FACES)
Start date: Jun 1, 2013, End date: May 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Natural polysaccharides (PS) and their derivatives provide a huge variety of functional groups leading to a great number of different physicochemical properties. Therefore functional polysaccharides are promising for the coating of man-made materials such as polymer surfaces, glass or ceramics in order to increase their functionality or biocompatibility. An elegant way to obtain coatings of natural polysaccharides is shaping of trimethylsilylated PS derivatives and subsequent regeneration of these structures to the initial PS. The target of this study is to produce electrospun and spin coated polysaccharide coatings from blends of hydrophobic trimethylsilylated PS and other hydrophobic PS derivatives and to subsequently regenerate these structures to the PS with the initial (bio-)function. This will produce functional polysaccharide coatings with tunable micro- and nanofibrous structures on a variety of materials. The influence of the structure and PS composition of these coatings on the physicochemical properties will be determined by surface analytical tools (Contact Angle Measurements, X-ray Photoelectronspectroscopy). The biocompatibility of the materials will be evaluated by extended protein adsorption studies with a quartz crystal microbalance. The regeneration process from trimethylsilylated PS will it further allow to introduce micropatterns on the PS surface coatings by lithographic methods. Spatially separated regeneration of the PS derivative coatings will produce patterns of electrospun or spin coated functional PS on substrates surrounded by non-regenerated hydrophobic PS derivatives. With the approaches described in this proposal, a vast number of tunable functional polysaccharide interface will be produced which will have potential applications as anti fouling coatings, as wound dressing material, as (bio-)sensor support, as low fouling functional filter webs or as biocompatible cell scaffolds in medicine."

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