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Language training
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

-We teach in a large primary school in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. We have twenty one classes from primary one up to primary seven. There is also a large school nursery. From August, our extension will have been completed, so we will therefore have four more classes. Currently, there are six hundred and ten children in Primary one to Primary seven. It is anticipated that a further one hundred primary one children will commence our school in August 2016.-The Scottish government's policy is for children and young people to learn a modern language from primary one onwards and also that from primary five onwards the learners have a right to learn an additional modern language. (1+2 approach).-As a school, we are introducing French across all classes. We are also actively introducing Spanish – currently to two groups of children once a week as a Spanish club. Our teachers require training with these languages, especially with ways to introduce modern languages to their classes. We also need to expand and roll out the provision of an extra language. These teachers need the confidence and skills to enable them to share their learning with other colleagues within our school, and therefore improve the learning and understanding of the children. It will also be beneficial for the teachers to gain a cultural understanding of the places where the chosen language originates from, so that this can be shared with the children.-Mrs. Hodghton commenced teaching French in her P 4/5 class in August as a"trial", and a Spanish club from October, following her attendance on the LFEE Spanish course. Since then she has assisted in helping others start the roll-out of French since January 2016. It is all still in it's early stages, however if staff are given the opportunity to attend these courses, then the whole school will benefit and the roll-out will be far better for staff and children alike.-Six teachers and one PSA are applying for course places. We teach in a variety of different stages across this enormous primary school. Our aim is to share our knowledge with other class teachers and school staff, and thereby improve the quality of learning for the children in our school.-In addition to this, one teacher applying is already involved within a group of local primary schools and involved in the implementation of 1+2 languages across the group of schools, and feeding back to our school.-Another teacher has just joined the steering committee for 1+2 at Fife council. This is a group involving two education officers for the council (one primary and the other secondary), also the group includes primary class teachers and secondary modern language teachers from across Fife. It's focus is the implementation of 1+2 and then another language at a later date. It also will cover the transition between primary and high school, with languages in mind.-The course being provided is by the L.F.E.E. and covers the language, activities for primary school children and cultural experiences.-The long term benefits will be children being given the right to learn languages other than their mother tongue, and a confidence in being able to do so. It is far easier to learn languages at a younger age. It will also provide the children of Fife with greater "employability" opportunities.
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