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Koti Hepolassa
Start date: Aug 9, 2016, End date: Feb 8, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our students at Hepola koulu have very different backgrounds. There are families suffering from unemployment and poverty whereas some families have enough income for living easily in everydaylife. We haven't succeeded in Integrating immigrant students has not succeeded enough to study in basic education groups. As a result of this our students with different backgrounds don't face each other and that creates inappropriate behavior as well as lack of empathy and open-mindeness. All our students must have guaranteed equal possibilities to learn and make use of strength every single student has by himself. We are in need of continuing education to be able to success in updating our knowledge in guaranteeing equality to all of our students.The goal of the project is to create a concrete model of multidisciplinary learning course, Koti Hepolassa (My home in Hepola) even My home in Kemi. In this model the students study for five days in workshops. The themes of the workshops are multicultural everyday life in school, teamwork, the students own strengths, tolerance, empathy and volunteering work. The knowledge of the teacher participating in this project is made use of in these workshops. This project week ends in feedback given by the students and the teachers which is used in planning upcoming learning courses. After the themeweek the students are aware of their own strengths and the multiculturalness of the school. There has been formed an environment which supports teamwork for teachers and students in the school. All of our students, despite of difficulties, can use their own strengths and they should feel the school as a safe and innovative place to learn. Networking, which is made possible in the continuing education, helps to create a solid base to the multicultural and international school of Hepola.
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