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ion of the ancient ship of Samena (Projection of the ancient ship of Samena)

The proposed project will include the completion of a combination of tangible and intangible actions and its objective is three-fold: (a) to establish the ancient Samian ship of Samena as a monument, (b) to promote historical and cultural aspects of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, and (c) to systematise and disseminate knowledge to the scientific community and interested individuals or organisations. Expected Results: The tangible action involves the projection of the ship/monument by producing an accurate copy of the shipbuilding structure, following an interdisciplinary documentation. Intangible actions include: scientific documentation (historical and socio-economic context, technology, materials, environment etc) based on published research material and additional technical studies. Then, linking the monument to historical data (journey schedule) and projecting actual historical events through cultural activities (events, production of a publication and digitised material to be distributed in Greece and Cyprus (such as Nicosia, Kyrenia Town Hall) Paphos Museum etc) and evaluating the programme from the point of view of science (seminars or conferences so that knowledge is processed through scientific essays), development (e.g. tourism) and culture (museum exhibit in Samos/Maritime History Museum), visitation programme: e.g. in Cyprus/Paphos, in Italy/Croton). In general, the project involves a very important action since it will help (a) produce primary scientific material and (b) project, promote and document the historical and cultural course of the Greeks in the Aegean and in the Mediterranean seas (Cyprus, Italy, Black Sea, etc).
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