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Integration of migrants via creativity and intercultural experience

So in the frame of this project will be organised workshops in Lithuania – Rubikiai; Latvia – Riga; Norway – Oslo, Iceland-Reykjavik. Main theme of these workshops will be founding common and differences in the national traditional art, thinking, solving problems of integration in to the new cultural and social surrounding, because the main target group of this project is migrants from Lithuania. The main theme of discussions will be the integration in to the new economical, social situation using tools of intercultural diversity, creative activity. There will be lecture about Lithuanian, Norwegian, Latvian and Icelandic national art and links with Other national arts around the Baltic. As well the discussion about the possibility of creative activities in contemporary age – age of technical and virtual communication, The aim of these workshops during the project is to have discussion between different people not only by using IT, but stressing on the value of communication doing the same work, having the same tasks, solving common problems. The result of this project will be 4 exhibitions in participating organisations – clubs and galleries of products, which made the participants and exhibitions of photography made during workshops and web page
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