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Ingieråsen på vei mot Europa
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A central part of our school’s vision is that: “Internationalisation and contact/exchange of students with other countries shall give us valuable experience and knowledge about the world we live in”. In order to move towards this vision, Ingieråsen school has since 2000 been a part of several Comenius 1 school partnership projects as well as Comenius 2 teacher assistant projects. In the autumn of 2013 we also had a very successful Comenius pupil mobility project, with a duration of three months, with a partnerschool in Spain. Since 2003 our school has also prioritised an annual pupil exchange with a former Comenius partnerschool in Germany with duration of one week. Since 2013 our Comenius schoolproject has been organised through an optional course at our school called “International Coorporation”. Our experience is that our focus on internationalisation has given both students and staff valuable assets: New networks are developed and new friendships formed. Moreover, we see that the school’s international focus impacts our students’ future prospects in terms of both education and employment. One example is that 2-3 of our former students annually is accepted as participants to United World College’s quite exclusive student mobility program. We also see that many of our former students choose to study abroad at high school and university level, and/or work abroad. In order to fulfil our school’s current aims and priorities in terms of internationalisation and writing as a basic skill, we need to increase and develop our staff’s competence about the European dimension. We would like to do this through education in European languages, culture, society and different types of leadership approaches in schools, as well as learning through direct contact and cooperation with other European partners. When it comes to writing as a basic skill in all subjects, we are aiming at developing writing as a basic skill in our foreign languages. As our foreign language teachers increase their competence, we expects them to use their new expertise in order to focus on writing as a basic skill in their subjects. Within leadership, we aim to be updated on international research and approaches to leadership, both for the social pedagogic leaders and our project leaders. Our areas for development and internationalisation are: - The staff’s competence - Leaders’ competence - Writing competence - Language competence The participants are different leaders in our school as well as teachers in the foreign languages. All participants are expected to attend courses with a duration of one or two weeks. All participants are expected to conduct a thorough preparation before the courses, try to make contact with other participants from other countries, and be active and engaged while the courses run. Thus, as well as developing their competence they are also expected to build networks which they actively can use in the future. The expected short term aim, is increased competence for the teachers, renewed inspiration and a better grasp of European interaction. For the school leaders, we expect that they build new knowledge about leadership, school culture and school systems in other European countries. In the long term, we visualize Ingieråsen as a school preoccupied with European questions and as a school with learning arenas in several European countries to offer their students.
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