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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

'Cueva Santa ' Secondary School is a state institution located in Segorbe, in the inlands of Castellon, a traditionally rural area. 'Cueva Santa' Secondary School has belonged to the Multilingual Schools Nertwork in the Valencian Community since the academic year 2011-2012. Our project is proposed as an integrating experience of the different cultures and curriculum areas adquired by the vehicular use of two or more languages ( Valencian, Spanish and English). All that favours multilingualism as the foundation of union in diversity. Fighting against school failure, early school leaving, output enhancement and innovating teaching-learning methods are a fixed value in the daily work of 'Cueva Santa' Secondary School staff. That's the reason why, when we come to design our formative project in the ambit of the Development European Plan we have drawn the following targets: 1. Enhance continuously the results having other more succesful educational systems as a reference. 2.Enhance notably the participants' foreign language competence and their ability of using English as communicative tool in the classroom. 3. Support the professional development of those who work in education with a view of innovating and improving the quality of teaching. 4. Increase the capacities, attractiveness and international dimension of our centre, so that we are able to offer activities and programmes that better respond to the needs of individuals. 5. Raise participants' awareness on innovative management strategies for students with special needs. The mobility project designed by "Cueva Santa" Secondary School aims to improve the didactic, linguistic and management competences of a group of teachers.Different activities have been planned in order to ensure the development of the competences of 14 participants with the following profiles: A)TEACHERS TEACHING AT THE MULTILINGUAL PROGRAMME AT PRESENT. STRUCTURED COURSES ( CLIL COURSES -CONTENT AND LANGUAGE INTEGRATED LEARNING) Our teachers will develop their communicative competences and skills ( oral fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation) and they will improve their English language mastery as a communicative tool in the classroom in order to be able to teach part of the core curriculum in English. These courses will also give us the opportunity to future Erasmus+ KA2 programmes or colaborative projects. B) TEACHERS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING TRAINED TO TEACH AT THE MULTILINGUAL PROGRAMME.( ENGLISH COURSES FOR LOW-LEVEL ENGLISH TEACHERS A2-B1) Our teachers will acquire skills and recognised qualifications in order to impart their subjects in English language. In addition, we will be able to broaden the number of skilled teachers as well as the catalogue of subjects taught in English. C) ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEPARMENT STAFF.ENGLISH LANGUAGE TRAINING COURSES(TIC COURSES) AND JOB SHADOWING. Our teachers will have the opportunity of experiencing innovative methodological approaches to ensure succesfull learning-teaching experiences.They will take part in practical courses to incorporate information technology into teaching to facilitate an appropiate learning in a changing world as well as give the opportunity of participating in European professional networks. D)MEMBERS OF THE COUNCELLING SERVICE. TRAINNIG SEMINARS. The participants will focus their trainning on management approaches for students with educational difficulties: young people with learning difficulties; early school-leavers; lower qualified persons and young people with poor backgrounds. E) BOARD OF DIRECTORS. STRUCTURED VISITS TO OTHER SCHOOLS. By means of these activities the members of the board of directors will be able to watch other countries school systems which present good learning practices against early-school leaving and lower-qualified students. The impact of the listed mobility activities will reach the whole educative community. By meas of the teacher´s participation on the formative activities, the students will be the main beneficiaries in terms of: a. More effective teaching approach. b. Core curriculum improvement. c. More accurate Intercultural perspective of our centre. d. Motivation improvent. e. European Dimension improvement of our centre through cooperation and finding future Erasmus KA2 partner countries. At the same time, the dissemination and explotation of the project results will give the opportunity to communicate and share outcomes with the rest of members of the school staff and with other educational centres of the area. As a conclusion, with the European Development Plan as bases of this project, "Cueva Santa" Secondary School intends to give answer to the increasing social demand in language qualifications, supporting acts leading to the promotion of multilinguism. These qualifications in communication competences will favour the development of our students as a whole and will encourage our their skills to take part in an active way in our society.
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