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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

GATHER TOGETHER FOR BETTER As it can be understood from our project's name, as Directorate of National Education we have decided to write and run this project to define their instutional or common problems of different instutions and finding professional and modern solutions to these matters.Focusing on the common results of the 3 different survey studies, we detected that our teaching staff is in need of gaining international exeriences and developing themselves pedagogically and culturally in ICT, drama, foreign-language teaching, early school dropout and special education. We organized some local studies and seminars on some of these topics which have been needed by our teaching staff but noticing fast and positive development in one of our schools which was a beneficiary instution of Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Program last year, has shown us that these kind of programs are unique opportunity for reaching more people and producing regional solutions.And it led us with our instutions to take decision of gathering together for better service to our students, their parents and the society we have lived in. Because while these programs offering different solutions for pedagogical necessities on the other hand they also provide some many other acquisitions like the chance of getting cultured, having extraordinary experiences, learning by doing, finding global point of wiev for the problems. In the framework of our consortium project which includes five mobilities of five teams composed by five participants, our teaching staff is going to get 10 days, each of them is total 50 hours, courses from the lecturers who are expert in their areas in different countries of Europe.These 25 participants who are chosen for the project are teachers who know what they want and know their needs, responsibilities and weak and strong points, and also have strong desires to develop themselves both individually and professionally for their jobs and students. They are the teachers who think in positive manner,who are flexible and who have entrepreneurial spirits. In these seminars our staff is going to get new acqusitions and they will have the chance of exchange of experiences with the teachers from other countries and they will be equipped with the usage of the methodologies like lecture method, reading information method,audio-visual presentation, demonstration, observation, round robin, interviewing, brainstorming, mental imagery, synthesis, small group discussions; graphic organizers; problem-solving activities, buzz sessions, role-playing, simulations, projects and reflective inquiry. Our teaching staff who will complete their necessities in the ICT seminars, will respond the necessities of the screen age that we have lived in and thus they will have updated themselves so that they can serve their students better. Our primary and secondary school teachers who will attend drama based seminars are expected to grow up students who are more social, more emphatetic and who has more developed esthetic emotions. In the seminar related with early school dropout, our teaching staff is going to have a greater vision about the reasons of early school dropout and precautions which cause for this problem and they are going to be solution for our regional early scholl dropout problem. Our teaching staff who will attend CLIL course is going to get the needed acqusitions for their students' using foreign language as a communication tool not as a curriculum subject and our teachers will get the necessary precautions for our students' using foreign language more often. Our primary and secondary school teachers who will get seminars on special education will have gained expertisement to respond the malfunction for defining pupils who are in need of this education and also true communication with these students and their parents and integration of these students to school and community. Our defined problems are not only our consortium instutitions matters but also they are important matters that our educational politics try to produce solutions in recent years that's why we expect from our project team's hard works for dissemination activities in order to lead positive and serious changes in our education region. Responding these needs which were defined as the result of serious surveys will play an important role for serving the needs of our students, their parents, society and the new generations. We hope that this project change the perception of the school positively in our education region.
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