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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project involved students of the Vocational School in Zywiec Department of Vocational Training in Katowice, educating the profession Barber. It was planned three weeks practice in which she took part 1 group 5 seater. These students have never had the opportunity to go on training abroad and did not use any additional forms of education abroad. Currently, graduates of the Vocational School are very well educated in theory, but when it comes to the use of this knowledge in practice it often turns out that they lack the confidence and skills of professional customer service. It was important for us that our students have acquired additional skills, enabling them to perform hairdressing services at the highest level, fluency in foreign languages, the use of modern techniques in the field of hairdressing. Foreign practices were very good form of exchange of experience, practical skills and develop teamwork skills and entrepreneurial qualities (activity and dynamism) in the labor market. Competitiveness employee on the European labor market is to continue improving his professional qualifications and professional knowledge resource. Exchange of experience and transfer of knowledge between Polish students and Spanish employers allowed to confront the current students' knowledge of the realities of the European market. Specific objectives are to increase the attractiveness of vocational education, facilitate personal development, incentive for lifelong learning, increase the language skills of students, customer service skills abroad. Achieved results: familiarization with new equipment hairdresser (klimazon, infrazon, humidifier, sauna dryer) -extension knowledge and skills and professional competence of students (treatments with hairdressers at the highest level, the use of modern techniques in the field of hairdressing hairstyle male and female and innovative coloring) - Improving foreign language skills including the use of a foreign language in practice, particularly in situations strictly professional (foreign language industry) - Facilitate the development of vocational students - Science work in an international and customer service of a foreign and : -impementation of the European Development Plan ZDZ Katowice and schools (to raise the qualifications of administrative and teaching, modifying the curriculum to be adequate to the changing labor market, broadening school for foreign internships, increasing the share of employers in the education process) - Increase the professional skills of students required to effectively navigate the job market, - Issue project participants received certificates confirming the work placement, which will allow the international recognition of qualifications and the transfer of competences, - Increase in language skills and the mobility of professional experience.
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