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Enhancing The European Dimension in Teaching and Learning Through CLIL
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Liceo Aristotele's European Development Plan, in accordance with our school's European and international tradition, introduces CLIL methodology in the teaching of different subjects, such as Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Design. In this way students will be offered not only a comparison between different languages and cultures, but also between different methodological approaches, favoured by the use of ICT technologies, in order to offer them a high profile international preparation which will accompany students in their university and occupational career as European Citizens. Liceo Aristotele European Development Plan aims at the following objectives: - enhancing the European dimension in teaching and learning through CLIL methodology, international certifications, teachers' mobilities and meeting with fellow teachers abroad; - promoting quality, innovation, excellence and internalization in teaching, through individually taylored training experiences, and also favouring the immediate dissemination of the results on fellow teachers and students; - fighting educational failure and school quitting, by enhancing educational performance, renovating didactic practices and making students aware of their own educational needs and choices; - enhancing students' participation in school life without disciminations based on sex, religion or ethnic group, favouring comparison and collaboration; - reinforce basic competences for employability both in teachers and students, such as foreing languages, ICT and personal initiative; - favouring cooperation and exchange of good practices with other European Schools through comparison and collaboration; The 22 teachers involved in this two-year plan will be chosen by a special Commission which will consider their experiences in CLIL methodology, ability to use ICT, basic knowledge of English and their readiness to organize dissemination activities in our school and in other schools in the area (teachers' seminars and training). The training activities will be based on training courses abroad. These courses will be organized by well known training organizations and taylored to answer the teachers' individual training needs. Every mobility experience will be preceded by methodological and linguistic preparation and followed by a detailed evaluation report and the organization of numerous dissemination events. The produced materials will be shared with the teacher's department and tested on different classes, so that the didactic impact of teacher's traing will be immediately verified and shared with other teachers and schools through the organizaion of training events and the publication on dedicated websites. The school will also favour the creation of a European dimension in teachign and learning through the organization of a European Week, in which represrntatives of foreign schools, local autorities and the local press will be invited. In the long run, Liceo Aristotele European Development Plan will result in the diffusion of CLIL methodology in most of the classes, a larger use of ICT in teaching, a greater motivation to the study of languages in students and teachers and it will give the school an authentic European dimension.
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