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En mosaik af kulturmøder
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Targeted teaching is higly focused upon these days and at Hyllehøjskolen we actively debate how our cultural ideals change in a time characterized by the opportunities IT and globalization bring. We do not know exactly what kind of society our students will end up being a part of, but what we do know is that they need to find solutions to the problems Europe is facing. It requires intercultural competences and innovative thinking. Hyllehøjskolen is a two-form entry primary school (divided into three sections: Kindergarden- year 3, year 4-year 6, year 7-year 9) in Middelfart municipality. The school is situated in a former rural district which has expanded throughout the years. Viewed in the light of these facts the composition of students have changed and we face a situation in which we need to comprise a diversified group of students. Hyllehøjskolen greet many students who have fled the war in Syria. This gives us the opportunity to ask ourselves what it means to be a native of Funen, a Dane and a European citizen. Among other things it is through the cultural exchange we get to know ourselves. Besides that we also comprise students with special needs due to a financial cutback. Seing that we do not have any previous experience the school staff are challenged and we lack knowledge on how to comply with the needs of our future students.In order to reach our goal we need to upgrade the intercultural competences of the school staff.Within the next two years we plan to stort a mobility for teachers. We see this as "the next step" towards integrating the international dimension. We wish to let nine teachers participate in three different structured courses around Europe in order to upgrade their academic and professional didactic competences covering science, cultural and artistic subjects. This will be the platform for student collaboration , teachers' knowledge sharing and comprising of students. The course "Grand Tour in Europe" in Italy includes activities related to the recognition and preservation of diversity and its various fomrs of expressions, promoting a better mutual understanding between cultures and people. The course "Sustainable School and Sustainable School Indicators" in Greece aims at introducing methods which will enable schools to organize their own sustainable quality system in a partnership with other European schools. The course "Mosaic of Communication" raises awareness of the need to learn communication and the ability to communicate through art. In order to disseminate the result of the courses three teachers from each section will participate covering the subject previously mentioned. The participating teachers will commit themselves to take Hyllehøjskolen's plan of inclusion to the next level.Goals for the participants to achieve:- Intercultural experiences- Knowledge about inclusion from a European perspective- Enhanced academic competences- Exchange of ideas - Increase the European networkAfter the courses we expect the teachers to feel ready to participate in international partnership involving students. - Experiences and knowledge is shared within the departments at school.- We participate in a local network concerning the development of the international dimension. - There will be workshops and presentations about the Erasmus+-project at meetings for parents, schoolboards and student councils.- There will write articles for the local newspaper as well as the school's webpage.- Danish Red Cross and Dansk flygtningehjælp will be involved for the purpose of knowledge sharing.Prior to each course a meeting will be held concerning the implementation of the course content at the school. - In-process evaluation will take place in order to match the course content with the implementation at the school. - Postprocessing meetings will also be held to ensure visible signs of proper development.
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