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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Primary School of Profitis Ιlias in Heraklion Crete is engaged in developing action plans related local issues (including the natural environment and culture) and the natural sciences, with the support of Information and Communication Technologies. With the project "We are inspired by science, we act in our environment" we are aiming to develop an environment where natural sciences are presented in a simple and understandable way, learning communities are created and projects disseminated at local, regional and international level with the support of ICT. Additionally, we aim to link science, ICT, natural environment and sustainable development in the operation of the projects. We aim also to the wider development of the organization within a European framework for action and operation. The plan involved 10 teachers in our school who have basic ICT skills and English. The educational needs of participants are presented to the further acquisition of ICT skills and the natural sciences as tools for solving problems of the natural environment and the use of sustainable forms of development, which respect the environment and oriented by science and ICT, with aiming to prevent the phenomenon of climate change. Through the activities of the project is expected to improve the attitude towards science teaching and to acquire knowledge related to the teaching methodology of science in primary school. Furthermore, the use of ICT is expected to maximize not only the teaching of natural sciences but also the everyday teaching practice. The methodology used for the project is based on participatory and collaborative nature. Upon completion of the project participants are expected to develop scientific, didactic and methodological competences necessary for teaching science. Also expected to be able to approach interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary local environmental issues with the use of ICTs, while target groups are expected to realize the need for scientific approach and cooperation in solving problems. The cooperativeness and the development of a project within a European program is expected to be the main impact of the project. Finally, the potential long-term benefits of the project include the overall development of the school community, the spread of an action plan involving various subject areas and the operation of the school as an organization within the European workplace.

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