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Einführung bilingualer Unterrichtssequenzen am Schulzentrum am Sund
Start date: Jul 11, 2016, End date: Jul 10, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project serves the introduction of bilingual teaching at our school and the improvement of the quality of teaching through teacher training. At the same time the project is intended to increase the foreign language communication skills of our students to prepare them for global interaction not only at school but for their future intercultural studies at university or professional career. Especially students with migrational background will profit from this project and find integration easier.Additionally the results are meant to strengthen our MINTec school profile and the European spirit in this field.After the application process two teachers were chosen to take part in the course of further education. The experience gained at the course will be extended to the different departments to create maximum input of the education at the bilingual training courses. Due to the size of our school we consider it reasonable to let several teachers participate in the training course.In July 2016 two teachers will take part in a course of CLIL in Oxford. This course contains new methods of motivation and the use of modern media in subjects with bilingual components. Above that the language skills of the participating teachers are improved. During the course teachers are enabled to employ new and modern methods as well as new means of communication. These skills are the basis for our pilot project to communicate with partner schools abroad and introduce E-Twinning.After the return of the two teachers from their training in Oxford (planned in September 2016) they will be in charge of seminars held internally at the departments of our school to multiply their experience. The next step is to train two more teachers to join bilingual teaching at our school.The role of the first two teachers is to coordinate the project. The different topics for bilingual teaching are chosen together with the involved teachers based on the curriculum and according to our internal school curriculum of the regarding grade. After a period of testing the project is extended to different grades and topics. Thus students are motivated to improve their language communication skills.Simultaneously we plan to find partner schools in Sweden and Poland via E-Twinning because an online communication project with the partner schools abroad is scheduled in February 2017. In July 2017 two more teachers will be trained to increase qualification and number of teachers involved in the project. The process of the project development and experiences of students and teachers will be documented on our school homepage. The major focus for teachers involved in the project is the increase in professionality. Through the educational training we expect a higher competence in modern bilingual teaching, especially in the fields of sciences and maths, to further develop our “Schulzentrum ” as MINT-Excellence Center.Participants in the educational training gain skills which are the basis for the qualification of further teachers. Highly-qualified bilingual teaching shall increase skills and motivation of students regarding the integration of different cultures. Only if students and teachers have advanced foreign language skills and show interest in it, communication with partner schools and E-Twinning projects are possible. Above that the meetings of the participating schools from different countries make an exchange of ideas and ways of conducting bilingual teaching possible. Those ideas can be used for presentations in the departments at school.
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