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Dziurawa skarpeta
Start date: Feb 1, 2011,

We are a group from a neighbourhood Mickiewicza street in E¬k. We usually sit on benches and in playgrounds. We have the opportunity to use the sports hall once a week. We are not addicted to anything, except nicotine, which we fight with. Our group is composed of five persons and a street pedagogue. We trust and support each other. The neighbourhood we live in is bound up in different kin of addictions. Young people take drugs for which they earn by stelling mobile phones or money. older ones are addicted to alcohol, which they finance in similar way. Many of them do trafficking of drugs and alcohol. It often happens that the police or more freguently an ambulance arrive at the neighbourhood because somebody drank too much. The neighbours genarally hate us because we are too loud. Some of them do not mind and have a positive attitude. the yougest ones have a lot of problems, because they are bullied by the elder for nothing. The subjects is the life of homeless people. It was drugs and alcohol which lead to this state. Some of them are acquaintances of our parents. We want to show that the problmem of homelessness is present in E¬k and that it is very much hidden. We have put it as our main goal to make aware of that people who have influence and youngsters who do not realise the consequences of drinking and taking drugs. We wont to demonstrate that by film. in order to make a good film, we need to get to know how it shuld be done. There will be workshops organised by profesionalists mainly in televisions (polsat or somethings). Thanks to that workshops we will be able to learn how to make a good script, how to operate a camera and software for the processing of recording and finally how to put it all together. We also want to run a blog in the internet. This will help Us to drag away from our neighbourhood full of problems, violence and drugs and to acquire new abilities which will be useful in the future. We will share the effects with schools and meny other.

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