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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 28 Feb 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project title: Other, different, better Background European projects we have been involved with have proven to have positive effect on our work. There is evidence of increased motivation in our work, a growing tendency to introduce various innovative methods into the teaching practice, an improved self-image of teachers and students, greater language competence. By 2020 Gimnazija Ledina plans to bring the teacher's expertise in the field of active learning/teaching, motivation and competences to an even higher level. Our teachers gained considerable knowledge of the mentioned topics while actively cooperating in the project Posodobitev gimnazije, however, they feel the need to broaden and improve it further. As it is generally known, the teaching methodology and the doctrine of teaching change over time as well as the needs and demands of our future students.AimsThe main aim of the project Other, different, better is to increase the teacher's expertise in ICT, new teaching methods and language competence. This will give the project team a chance to share the results of the project with peer teachers and students of Gimnazija Ledina on one hand and outside the school (with teachers, other professionals, parents) on the other hand. The project team will use the acquired competences in order (1) to increase the teachers' and students' motivation in work, creativity, activity and success, (2) to enable internationalisation of Gimnazija Ledina, (3) to promote the European identity and (4) to increase the awareness of the importance of active citizenship. Achieving our central aims will improve the level of the quality of GL and make a stronger promotion of it at the local level. The number and profile of the participantsEight participants will take part in the project; seven teachers (teaching mathematics and computer science, Slovenian, chemistry, foreign languages (English, German, Spanish) and philosophy) and a social worker. All participants have experience of working on international projects, running or working in different school teams, running different extracurricular activities and school promoting activities. Description of activities The participants will gain experience and knowledge according to their own field of expertise, i. e. ICT, new teaching methods and language competence. Also, they will strengthen their communication in English as a foreign language, develop their inter-cultural competence and strengthen their European identity MethodologyOn the initiative of the School development team (ŠRT) and the school management the European development school team (ERT) was set up. ERT consists of three teachers, one of them being the coordinator. ERT designed the School European development plan which provides the basis of the project. In view of this, ERT identified the main fields of the Gimnazija Ledina development as well as the main criteria for assigning the best suited participating teachers. ERT also specified the activities which will be done in all phases of the project. These are: the preparation for mobilities, the actual mobilities, sharing the results of the Erasmus+ projects with peer teachers, integrating new methods and teaching practices into the learning process, professional advice to peer teachers, evaluation meetings after mobilities, evaluation of the integrated methods and teaching practices, dissemination activities …Results and impact envisaged The participants will use the skills, competences and knowledge learnt at the courses to evaluate their own teaching practice in a more efficient way; teachers will improve their self-image and the profile of a teacher. The participants will share the results of the projects with their peer teachers and therefore directly improve their teaching practice (a more creative classroom, integrating new ICT tools and teachings methods, promoting cross-curricula and co-operative teaching among peer teachers, student-centered approach, encouraging a better learning environment and stress control etc.). The institution will therefore run school projects according to its vision more efficiently. Our students will be faced with even more innovative teaching methods and IC technologies. As a result, their motivation will increase, they will work in a friendlier class environment, teacher-student relationship will improve. Students will have greater ambition of becoming more successful. They will be more creative. They will develop a better self-initiative and self-image. All these will lead to better learning results. Students will show more interest in European projects, which will also strengthen their European identity.Gimnazija Ledina will become more successful and locally competitive. A stronger involvement with international activities will encourage a more active national and European identity of students and teachers. All in all, it will help the school to strive for its academic excellence even more efficiently.
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