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Start date: Dec 31, 2007,

The project is a common project between the Republic of Bulgaria and Romania, with the collaboration of the two service providers – BULATSA and ROMATSA - with the role of Implementing Bodies under the name DANUBE FAB. The objective of the DANUBE FAB, in the airspace under the responsibility of Romania and the Republic of Bulgaria, is to improve capacity, cost-efficiency and environmental protection by harmonising and optimising provision of ANS and civil-military cooperation in a process of sustainable development, while maintaining or increasing the level of safety. This objective has the highest level of political commitment in both States and forms part of the legal basis of FAB establishment (Article 4 of the State Agreement).Implementation PlanBy the 4th of December 2012 all the necessary steps to ensure that the governance structures and supporting material are in place to begin operations were completed. In particular, the entry into force of the State Level Agreement represented a major milestone and enabled the Governing Council to take over from the Steering Committee and to begin their task to oversee the implementation phase through the NSA and ANSP Boards. Key features and benefits of the DANUBE FABThe aim during the development of the DANUBE FAB was, for lower, upper and terminal airspace, to:• Consider, propose and assess the extent to which cooperation in the FAB was feasible and beneficial• Develop the feasible cooperation initiatives to the point of implementation• Enable the gradual reduction of the number of ACCs (initiated at the early stages of the FAB) from seven in 2003 to two by the end of 2012 (completed). This also responds to contingency needs at FAB level.Key to achieving this has been the common development of a DANUBE FAB operational concept (ConOps). This document has been developed by civil and military operational experts as a major output of the operational working group. It describes the operational principles agreed by the Partners and provides a high-level presentation of the target concept meant to support enhanced performance of the ATM network in the region in terms of safety, capacity, efficiency and protection of the environment. It also considers the future developments at European level both up to and after 2015, and is developed in line with the European ATM Master Plan, the ICAO Global Plan and SESAR Target Concept. The ConOps considers military requirements in the context of the implementation of functional airspace blocks and EUROCONTROL guidance material on this subject. Achievements: The DANUBE FAB Governing Bodies held their seventh meetings on 20th and 21st April 2016 in Bucharest, Romania. The management of ROMATSA and BULATSA met in Bucharest on 20th April for the seventh meeting of the ANSP Board. The co-chairs of the two ANSPs underlined their joint commitment to organising air traffic management within the airspace of the DANUBE FAB and pointed the significant efforts invested from both sides to enable the route network to be updated to cope with the large increases in traffic predicted for the 2016 summer season. Also, the management of the two ANSPs noted with satisfaction the close and long standing relationship within the FAB, and wished for the pragmatic cooperation to continue in order to continue to improve operations in DANUBE FAB airspace.

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