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Csanádpalota and Padej for joint cultural development (CSA-PA-DEV)
Start date: Nov 30, 2012, End date: Oct 30, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project implementation period lasts for 11 months from 01.12.2012. to 31.10.2012. Csanádpalota’s Local Government (Csanádpalota Városi Önkormányzata) is the leading beneficiary of the project who is the head of partnership. The another member of the partnership is the Serbian Mesna Zajednica Padej (Local Community of Padej) who is the twinning settlement of Csanádpalota from 2001 and whom with will be carried out in close collaboration during the entire project. This partnership is between the two settlements apply for the Action 2.2.2. People to people co-operation, in which strengthening the relationship between the Serbian and Hungarian settlements and the local people who live on both sides of the border. The relation of the two settlements has former, a strong tradition with more than ten years back. The purpose of project is to create establishment and development of joint event structure between Csanádpalota and Padej, that based on joint cooperation and dialogue.The application designed to generate a „mirror” series of events in close cooperation through organized activities will be implemented by joint Hungarian-Serbian power. The main objective of all planned events, gastronomic and sporting events, is to appropriate cooperation among the population of the settlements, to access each other's culture and tradition in this project. The goals within the field of three area (cultural and culinary events, sporting activities) take place through 18 occasions: Csanádpalotas’ and Padejs’ events. Each event is an opportunity to the harmonisation of two settlements residents, development of mutual cooperation and exchanging the event organization experience. The most important result of the project is to organise 18 events and hence exchanging experience by which aiming the creation of long-term cooperation network. Achievements: Csanádpalota in Hungary and Padej in Serbia built this project on the back of their long-term relationship in order to extend existing traditions. In close cooperation, they arranged a “mirror” series of events so that the participants could be introduced to and embrace the culture of their neighbours from another country. The partners planned and organised two workshops and 18 events, gravitated around a cultural, culinary or sporting activity. Csanádpalota organised the 1st International Sticker Meeting and the Nations Christmas, the Old Year Farewell, the New Year Greetings programme, the International Women’s Day, the City Day, the Drama Festival, the Riding, Hunting and Fishery Meeting, the International Children’s Day, the International Gastronomy Festival, the International Sports Day, the Palotai Wedding and the International Day of Elderly, while Padej organised the Gastro Day, the International Hunter Meeting, the Theatre Evening, the Keszég Day, the Orthodox Easter, a summer camp, a mini-football competition and the Village Day.
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