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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project Summary Please submit a brief summary of the project. This section (or a part of it) can be used in the publications made by the European Commission, Executing Agency or National Agencies. In addition, this section will contribute to the platform for expending the Erasmus+ programme. Please provide a brief and clear summary of the project and refer to the following issues in this summary: content/background of the project; objectives of the project, number and profile of the participants; description of the activities, methodology to be used while running this project; a brief explanation of the projected outcomes and impacts of the project and its potential benefits in the long term. Such problems at our school as drop-out, absence, failure in the courses, transfering to another school, lack of solutions in disciplinary issues have been identified as our weaknesses according to the conducted SWOT and PEST analyses. The same point has also come out in the studies and perception surveys applied to find a solution to the above mentioned problems. The fact that teachers have not been provided with a multicultural education training results in their inefficieny during the process of finding solutions to those problems. Reasons for Undertaking This Project - Lack of a national multicultural formation education - To have difficulty in understanding the students transferred from another school at the mental and social level - Students leaving school before they are sufficiently educated -Teachers searching for solutions lack of creative and innovative methodology - Disadvantaged position of the subcultural students in the school environment Our aim in following this project is to have teachers who come up with creative and innovative solutions to the existing problems in our school, and to ensure that they, as a result of the trainings they attend, conduct studies which would bring solutions to the unsolved problems. Our teachers will learn multicultural education, which is the most important deficiency in their formation education, by living in different culture. This project will be carried out under the coordination of OGYE (School Improvement Management Team) by the Project Execution Board and Monitoring-Supervision-Evaluation Boards, with the managers, psychology consultants, head of departments, vocational and branch teachers in four different countries. In the domestic education programme applied throughout the project, the participants will be informed about the objectives of the project, the courses and trainings to attend, and the studies expected to be carried out when they go back to school. In the trainings abroad, our teachers will reinforce their formation by attending the trainings stated below: -5 teachers for Creativity and Innovation Training in Norway between 6-12 April 2016 -5 teachers for Promoting Innovation and Creativity Training in Portugal between 22-28 June 2015 -5 teachers for Social Media and Intercultural Education Training in Lithuania between 12-18 September 2015 -5 teachers for Training on Approach to Multicultural Issues in Education in the Czhec Republic between 11-15 May 2015 Those trainings will be provided by the specialists, using modern education methods. Throughout the project, the activities for expending the project will be carried out through web site, communication portal, show cards and posters and press releases. Potential Outcomes of the Project - reinforcement of teachers' formation - improvement of education of subcultural students -preventing subcultural students from dropping out the school -preventing disciplinary actions and removing their causes -promoting academic success of students particularly subcultural ones -reducing the problems at the school to the minimum with the synergy created in the schol environment We are planning to finalise our project within 24 months.

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