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Certificate in Advanced English - att arbeta med avancerade färdighetsnivåer i engelska med hjälp av CAE
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

With the increased internationalization follows a more pronounced interest in Sweden, as in many countries, to document language skills by internationally accepted qualifications. Cambridge Certificates are recognized measure of value in terms of English language skills. For Swedish students who graduate Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) this exam is an important complement to the Swedish grades. At the beginning of the semester, students who plan to take the En 7 course are offered to read and complete the CAE exam. We will then work with the CAE course during the second semester of 15 and the first semster of 16 - to complete the course tests in the spring. (Students' experiences, knowledge acquisition and various teaching methods will be documented in a blog and on e-Twinning.) Then, an evaluation will take place. In the spring , students who take the CAE course will make contact with the organization where they will do their International Workplace Training (internship abroad) and give them a detailed presentation of themselves, and present the CAE course. They will also present and demonstrate how far they have come against the CAE certificates. During the school year parents will be invited to parent-teacher for information about the CAE course and its benefits. Students who take the course, will also inform students in year 2 , and students in grade 9. This to promote an awareness of internationalization and the importance of recognized European measures of value, and also to promote an interest in learning languages. Evaluations will be made in form of questionnaires and the teacher, the principal, participating students, and students informed about the project will be asked to answer them. The project aims to provide participating students an opportunity to CAE exam and to gain greater insight into international language assessment. Furthermore, the project aims to, through European accepted and recognized measurement instruments, - CAE certificates - validate pupils' knowledge of the English language, which want to increase their employability and improve their opportunities for further studies in other European countries. The project aims to strengthen teachers' professional skills and also the school's profile. The training course which the teacher will attend (Certificate in Advanced English - Trainers Course) will give the educator tools and knowledge of how to concretely work with the various components included in the CAE: Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening and Speaking. The course will also provide knowledge of how a teacher teaches in an efficient manner, how to choose materials and how to assess and evaluate students' performance based on well-established and in European accepted materials. The project also aims to increase understanding of how the ongoing and ever increasing internationalization requires an increased interest in equivalent documentation and in assessment tools assessing knowledge and abilities. The project will take its beginning as one of the in June - 15, when the English teacher (Mary Hall) will participate in the course "Certificate in Advanced English - Trainers Course". The course will give the teacher the tools and skills she needs to teach the CAE - course. During the school year, the principal and other colleagues will be informed of the progress of the CAE course .(Continuous documentation of the experiences of the educator and the students will be done in the blog and on e-twinning) It is our hope that this project will be the starting point and that the CAE-course ahead will be offered as a natural and obvious feature in EN7. We hope ,with our CAE- course, to give our students the best opportunities for the future. We hope to give them better opportunities to break into the international labor market.
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