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Alværn ungdomsskole i endring
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Alværn is a traditional school with experienced teachers and an administration that have been working there for decades. The work methods have been traditional both within special needs teaching and when it comes to classroom teaching. And even though we have an increasing number of students with different social, cultural and economical backgrounds, the way of teaching has not changed that much since the school started in 1970. 1 year ago the school got a new unit for children with special autism, so we are now working on finding methods and new technology to help integrate and include all these children in a good way.Three years ago, the school got a new principal, and last year one of our vice-principals retired. So the school is in a transitional phase where we are working on finding a direction and a form that willl help us adjusting to new demands from the government , parents, students and teachers. When the pupils evaluate the school they tell us that we are not good at using different teaching methods and that we do not use ICT enough in the classroom. This is an area where the development is in constant change and we want to learn more about how to use this in the classroom. We want to be better at making our lessons more motivating by using new methods like flipped classrooms, tablets, social media in the classroom, onenote and other ways of using new technology. We also want to make our school more interesting and have more focus on working with international connections.We will focus on two subjects where we think our school has some challenges and neeeds to be improved; science and laguages, especially when it comes to speceial and remedial education. We want to send 10 teachers to the Bett-conference in England where they can learn about the newest development within technology for teachers, 6 science teachers to a science conference in England, and we also want to send our principal and 5 teachers to a school in Spain that we have already done an etwinning project with. They have a lot of experience using technology in the classroom and we want to be inspired and learn from them.After the project we hope that the teachers will be able to vary the way they are teaching by using more technology in class ,and by doing this we will get more motivated students. On a higher level, we hope that by using new methods we will motivate those students that are in the risk of becoming early school leavers. In 10th grade we have a high percentage of students that are absent more than 30 %. we hope to motivate these students by using new methods so that they will be more present.

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