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A better school to change our territory
Start date: 22 Aug 2016, End date: 21 Apr 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Liceo Danilo Dolci” is a High School of Language and Human Sciences (Liceo Linguistico e delle Scienze Umane) lying in a quite poor district in Palermo called Brancaccio, historically dominated by the violence of mafia. Here 1400 students spend their school life learning to grow citizens confident about State education and legality. They belong to middle-low classes with often unemployed parents or single-income families. For this reason, our teachers are trying to offer the best education methods in order to actively involve students and families in paths that lead to citizenship, further studies and work. That’s the reason why our school needs to improve teachers’ didactic practice and management work, experiencing a European dimension that would be a wonderful opportunity for the staff to be closer to Europe and overpass our insularity, sometimes lived as an obstacle to meetings and relations even in our country. Taking into consideration frequent students’ demands about language and new technology areas we think that we need to offer our teachers new skills in these areas encouraging them to overcome the traditional model of lectures, using ICT and active methodologies.Consequently 50 participants selected through a needs survey questionnaire, are expected to attend courses in European countries, 45 of them are teachers and 5 belong to the administrative staff. They are- Teachers who need to attend creative/active methodology courses like Cooperative Learning, Peer to Peer, Role Play, CaseStudy, Problem based Learning, Digital Storytelling, Flipped classroom, Byod, in order to overcome outdated methods during their class; - foreign teachers that need to attend enhanced language and methodology courses with the purpose of creating more interesting and productive lessons;- teachers who need to enrich teaching styles that could involve disabled and special needs students; - teachers having a B1 level of English or French who want to teach their subject in the former or the latter and need to attend CLIL methodology courses to be trained and certificated;- teachers who need courses tailored to be equipped with the current ICT knowledge and skills, useful to more effectively involve students;- management and administrative staff that need to improve quality system managing, project managing, European dimension network building, in order to face the complex changing in Italian school.To cope with these needs Danilo Dolci will organize language and topic preparation courses selecting external experts, a selection of internal experts to take care of all mobility staff preparation and training activity abroad;teaching activities with the use of new methodologies; We expect that the project will have a remarkable impact on our institution as the active methodologies, CLIL courses and special needs students courses experienced by our teachers in other European countries, will change their classes and improve students ‘performances, giving them an increased motivation towards European dimension. ICT courses will motivate a more effective administrative role. Different forms of dissemination about the project results will be used in our institution and outside(families, other local, regional and national schools) through the use of website, , text messages, emails, phone calls, skype calls, bulletin/newsletter, leaflets and etwinning platform to share with the other European teachers the impact of our experiences on students’ attitudes and education.
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