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Water Saving for Solar Concentrated Power (WASCOP)

Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2019,

... is therefore one of the major issues to ensure a financially competitive position of CSP plants and their sustainable implementation.To overcome such challenges, WASCOP brings together leading EU and Moroccan Institutions, Universities, and commercial SMEs and industry. They join their forces to develop a revolutionary innovation in water management of CSP plants - flexible integrated solution com ...
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The RESLAG project proposal is aligned with the challenges outlined in the call WASTE-1-2014: Moving towards a circular economy through industrial symbiosis. In 2010, the European steel industry generated, as waste, about 21.8 Mt of steel slag. The 76 % of the slag was recycled in applications such as aggregates for construction or road materials, but these sectors were unable to absorb the total ...
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The scientific targets of the EUROSUNMED project are the development of new technologies in three energy field areas, namely photovoltaics (PV), concentrated solar power (CSP) and grid integration (GI), in strong collaboration with research institutes, universities and SMEs from Europe in the north side of the Mediterranean sea and from Morocco and Egypt from the south of the sea. The focus in PV ...
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