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Mechanical control of biological function (MECHANO-CONTROL)

Start date: Jan 1, 2017, End date: Dec 31, 2021,

Mechanical forces transmitted through specific molecular bonds drive biological function, and their understanding and control hold an uncharted potential in oncology, regenerative medicine and biomaterial design. However, this potential has not been realised, because it requires developing and integrating disparate technologies to measure and manipulate mechanical and adhesive properties from the ...
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TRANSLINK is a project devoted to assessing the mid-to long-term risk factors and improve the outcome of animal (bovine/porcine)-derived Bioprosthetic Heart Valve (BHV) implants. 300,000 patients/year benefit from BHV, a major healthcare problem (second most frequent cardiac surgery). BHV clinical outcome suffers from late dysfunctions restricting their application to older recipients. Based on a ...
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We are currently living in the Big Data era in which different technologies produce thousands of terabytes of data every minute. Real value of this data remains on the information that can be extracted and understood from it, not only on its creation. As data is generated so fast, we need to be able to transfer, process and analyse it, so we can understand it as fast as it is generated. This is a ...
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