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... sidues (kton/year), and developing newly grown dedicated crops on marginal land (total circa 320 kton/year), as such revitalising the regional economy. Technology providers (Biochemtex, Novozymes and Lesaffre) developed, tested and demonstrated in the only available semi-industrial scale 2G biorefinery research plant (Crescentino), an innovative integrated pre-treatment, hydrolyses and fermentatio ...
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MycoKey aims to generate innovative and integrated solutions that will support stakeholders in effective and sustainable mycotoxin management along food and feed chains. The project will contribute to reduce mycotoxin contamination mainly in Europe and China, where frequent and severe mycotoxin contaminations occur in crops, and where international trade of commodities and contaminated batches are ...
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Alternative Fuels and Biofuels for Aircraft Development (ALFA-BIRD)

Start date: Jul 1, 2008, End date: Jun 30, 2012,

"ALFA-BIRD aims at developing the use of alternative fuels in aeronautics. In a context where the price of oil is increasing and with impact of fossil fuels on climate change, the sustainable growth of the civil aviation is conditioned by the respect of the environment. In this context, using biofuels and alternative fuels in aeronautics is a great challenge, since the operational constraints (e.g ...
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