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The model of cross-border cooperation (AgroPark Alakurtti)

Start date: Dec 19, 2012, End date: Jul 18, 2015,

Promotion of sustainable social and economic development of Alakurtti achieved through cross-border cooperation with Finland (Lapland) and Sweden (Norrbotten) with the long-term goal to make the whole project area (Lapland, Norrbotten and Murmansk region) attractive for international tourists, business people and investors.
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Social and Economic Development of Teriberka

Start date: Apr 13, 2012, End date: Oct 12, 2014,

The last word has not yet been said about the utilization of the Shtokman gas field. Teriberka village on the Arctic Sea shore has now for some years been living with uncertainty about whether or not it will be a central on-shore transit point for the field. If this will not happen, fishing industry is one of its few possibilities. Murmansk Regional Small & Medium Business Support Agency will sta ...
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