Natalija Gojkovic

 Financial Management
 Project Management

: May 4, 2016

About Me


Over twenty years of experience in all areas of administration and finance, including over ten years experience in financial and administrative management of EU and international projects.

Extensive experience in planning, preparation, monitoring and management of project and organisational budgets.

Events and visibility

15 years of experience in planning and organisation of all types of events (conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, info days, etc.) from development and design of initial idea to implementation, coordination and follow-up. Event organisation often included collaboration with and coordination of one or more partner organisations.

Organised more than a dozen large international, regional and national conferences, which included events with 400+ participants and 25+ speakers from all over the world and various sectors.

Organised over 100 smaller events – workshops, seminars, info days, trainings, meetings.

Experience in organisation of events for international diplomatic community (The World Bank offices in Geneva and Zagreb).

Extensive experience in successful implementation of promotion and visibility activities, such as visibility campaigns, planning and preparation of promo materials (brochures, leaflets, newsletters, books), which included design planning, preparation of texts, editing, proofreading, coordination with sub-contractors and vendors such as graphic designers and printing shops and distributors.


Fields of Expertise:

 European social fund (ESF)
 Project Development
 Project Planning

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