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: Aug 8, 2016

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Vision for Education is a limited company based in Sofia, Bulgaria, with a number of offices around Bulgaria. Vision for Education has many international partnerships and heavily promotes mobility, equality and cultural diversity.

Vision for Education has been established in October 2012. It currently has six full time employees and employs a lot of part time experts, as well as freelancers depending on the specific project that it is working on.

Vision for Education scope of work is mainly concentrated on these areas, explained in more details below:

• Educational and career consulting services for students and young professionals – One of the main activities of Vision for Education Ltd is providing educational consulting services to students, young professionals and corporate clients. Vision for Education has a lot of experience with the mobility of young people and adults and strives to develop further in this ;Vision for Education Ltd offers a full range of services before, during and after its clients’ education. These include any additional support that they might need, career counselling for students and young professionals, assistance in finding work, private tutoring, travel packages and any other services related to clients’ development and life in other country. The mission of the company as a consultant in the field of education is to support its clients in every step they make and help them build a solid foundation for their future. Vision for Education Ltd has partnerships with boarding schools, universities, language schools, travel agencies, training centers and other companies from across the world, collaborates with them and promotes their services on the Bulgarian market. All the counsellors in Vision for Education Ltd have graduated from different countries across Europe, thus they can offer their clients an insight view of the educational sector.

• Consulting services to training providers for the development of corporate trainings, short-term courses and marketing of those – Vision for Education, due to the experience and know-how of its staff, as well as the educational experience of its experts, works with a number of organisations, consulting and supporting them in the development of different trainings and courses, both for their staff and for the development of such for external users, as well as for the popularisation and marketing of those. Vision for Education ltd has provided such trainings consulting to several well-recognized Bulgarian companies and training providers, and has also supported them in the development of European Union projects, related to qualifications and development of human resources.

• Development and delivery of individual and group seminars, trainings, and courses – Since its founding, Vision for Education has been working in partnership with one of the leading vocational education and training organisations (VET) in Bulgaria, with more than ten years of experience on the Bulgarian market. The partnership is focused on the provision of face-to-face and online language courses, as well as various other trainings in a wide range of subjects. As part of the partnership, Vision for Education Ltd works to deliver a high quality vocational education and training to young people and adults, and its courses are in a constant development, in order to meet the needs of the labor market in Bulgaria. For the past two years, Vision for Education has been working on two long-term projects with a duration of two years with its VET partner. One of the projects is for the provision on a number of short term courses on topics such as entrepreneurship, business and marketing with the aim to teach its students how to organise and lead their own business. The other one is for the provision of a wide variety of language courses to corporates and individuals. The partnering organisation of Vision for Education – the VET training organisation – has an extensive experience in previous EU programmes and is one of the few companies in Bulgaria that has worked with such a high number of students for vocational trainings following the goals set by the European Union, and one of the few training centres that offers such a wide choice of courses, trainings and seminars. Because of its close relationship with its partner, Vision for Education has developed a very strong know-how and experience in working on EU programmes.

Vision for Education’s mission and values are to support continual improvement and development, to encourage the mobility of young people and to provide opportunities to disadvantaged groups of the society. Vision for Education Ltd has been working hard to develop a European dimension to everything that it offers to its clients. Vision for Education has experience in supporting mobility programmes as part of the previous programme period, with a number of organisations in the EU for the last year and a half.

Fields of Expertise:

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Capacity Building
 Education and Training
 Adult Learning
 Higher Education
 European Voluntary Services
 Youth Workers
 Cultural heritage

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