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: Jan 28, 2020

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Innovation consultancy firm focused in facilitating the financial viability of your innovation and internacionalization  projects

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European Proposal Preparation to Get Funding

Every steps necessary to prepare a winning proposal

The preparation of a proposal is no simple matter: a winning project idea must be identified, the right partners must be contacted and involved, the application form and all supporting documents must be duly filled out. Above all, outstanding coordination capacities and large experiences of proposal writing are essential for a successful submission. Applicants’ organisations often lack these competences, which makes the process much longer and complex.

This is where Up2Europe Experts come into play!

Up2Europe Experts provide support/fully undertake selected or the complete package of preparation tasks - from providing advice in the development of the project idea and goals, to partner search and consortium building, recurrent review and proof-reading, preparation of administrative documents, up to the actual submission to the financing agency. Up2Europe Experts bring added value to your proposal, by making sure it is clear and consistent, understandable and appealing for non-technical people, and that it meets the requirements of the selected call for proposals.


Thanks to their solid experience in proposal writing and project implementation, in the evaluation and review of project proposals, as wells as their deep knowledge of the priorities and the selection criteria of EU programmes and instruments, Up2Europe Experts ensure a smooth and effective preparation of your proposal, resulting in the submission of a high-quality proposal.

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Managing European Projects

An expert manage your project

Project Management is much more than drafting gantt charts and filling out budget sheets. It entails several tasks that requires time and specific skills, which are not always available in the beneficiaries’ organisations. But, good news: management tasks can be easily outsourced! An Expert can assist you throughout all phases of project implementation.


Up2Europe experts provide support/fully undertake selected or the complete package of project management tasks - ranging from resources and work planning, to coordination of the consortium, maintenance of a project repository, organisation of meetings, reporting, budget monitoring, etc. - allowing you to focus on the scientific and technical activities.


Thanks to their deep knowledge of project implementation and their solid experience in the management of projects in the framework of different EU funding programmes and instruments, they can ensure an effective and efficient achievement of set objective and results.

This is just a short description, if you need more details, please ask for a Quote!

Training on European Projects Management

Training courses on European Fundings

Training in courses and masters on European Project Management, project design, advisoring on direct and indirect European funds, presentation of various funding programmes, Project Cycle management techniques, implementation and financial reporting

We focus on a very practical approach with exercises thought for the individual needs and client case.

Funding Opportunity Report

All opportunities filtered by eligibility criteria

Is your project idea eligible for EU funding? Which calls for proposals or tenders can you apply for? And how much  could you obtain? The Funding Opportunity Report can answer these questions! UP2EUROPE experts will scan through the most interesting and appropriate EU funding opportunities in European programmes and instruments, in order to identify those that are more relevant for your project proposal.


Funding opportunities are plentiful: calls for proposals are issued every week by the numerous EU bodies. Keeping track of each one these opportunities and recognising those that better match your project idea is not easy, but it is crucial to increase your chances of receiving the grant. Furthermore, the different programmes and instruments apply different rules in terms of partnership requirements, financing and co-financing amounts, activities that can be implemented and costs that may be included.


Thanks to their sound experience working with EU funding and their thorough knowledge of the eligibility criteria and requirements of EU programmes and instruments, and taking into account your current projects and future ambitions and your network of collaborators and partners, UP2EUROPE experts can support you in identifying the most relevant sources for funding your project ideas.

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Assistance Via Email/Chat/Phone

Direct support by email/chat/phone about European projects

The submission deadline is approaching and you still have doubts on the necessary support documents and their correct format or on the submission process itself? While preparing a project proposal you need a timely reply to questions regarding partnership requirements, the content of specific sections, or the eligibility of activities and costs?
An Up2Europe expert can resolve your doubts and answer your question in real time at any stage of the preparation and submission process.

By means of the service Live Support & Assistance on European Projects an UP2EUROPE expert provides real time support by email, chat or phone, easing the preparation and submission of your proposal and making sure you avoid the most common errors, increasing the chance of receiving the funds.  

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 Audiovisual Services
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Deadline Nov 16, 2020   - 23 days
 Maritime Affaires and Fisheries
 International Cooperation
 Education and Training
 Green Deal
Specific Challenge: Every additional half-degree of global warming may inflict a new order of magnitude of harmful consequences on planetary health as well as economic and social cohesion. The failure of economic, financial and industrial policies to sufficiently mitigate and adapt to climate change is more than ever a primary concern for societies worldwide[1]. Europe’s commitment to accelerat ...
Deadline Jan 26, 2021   - 94 days
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 Smart Cities
 Digital Economy
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 Digital Culture
 Digital Society
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 Smart Mobility
 Artificial Intelligence
Open Call 2 GENERAL INFORMATION:  Open date: 22nd September, 2020  Close date: 15th December (5pm, CET)  Call acceptance: February, 2021  Call identifier: DigiFed02 call  Proposal language: English    Two tracks: Application Experiments and Digital Challenges   APPLICATION EXPERIMENTS Application Experiments (AEs) are the core activity of DigiFed. This pathway directly suppor ...
Deadline Dec 15, 2020   - 53 days
 Enterprise and Industry
 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Start Up
 International Cooperation
 Business Development
The main objective of 'Clusters Go International' is to intensify cluster and business network collaboration across borders and sectorial boundaries, and to support the establishment of 'European Strategic Cluster Partnerships' to lead international cluster cooperation in fields of strategic interest in non-EU countries. Deadline: 2 December 2020 Call number: COS-CLUSINT-2020-3-01 The aim ...
Deadline Dec 2, 2020   - 39 days
 Sustainable Development
 Environmental protection
 Climate Sciences
 Green Deal
Specific Challenge: The science underpinning the European Green Deal has outlined what is at stake in terms of the impacts of climate change, the need to adapt to them, and the need to pursue decarbonisation pathways towards net zero. However, the challenges of mitigation and adaptation will ultimately be met by business and investors, government, and citizens. These actors therefore need to be ...
Deadline Jan 26, 2021   - 94 days