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: Mar 30, 2016

About Me

iDevelop is an international training provider specialised in the development of professionals working in the educational sector by promoting, supporting and providing training activities in accordance with the Erasmus + principles and ET 2020 framework for cooperation in education and training.

Many years of experience working closely with schools all over Europe has allowed us to reach a deep understanding of the reality of the teaching sector. Hence, iDevelop is able to observe the needs, new tendencies and the continuous changes the educational system is undergoing.

Thanks to this background, iDevelop have launched a wide range of courses and training events which provide all the necessary tools to improve the skills of teachers and school staff.

Training activities involve a full interaction and integration of participants; therefore they are delivered in a friendly and inspirational atmosphere. Delivery method applied during the course is the combination of: empirical evidence, workshop approach, case studies, teamwork, thematic simulations, use of so-called mind tools and discussion.

Fields of Expertise:

 Education and Training
 Lifelong Learning

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