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Supporting Member States voluntary cooperation in the area of pricing through the Euripid Collaboration - PJ-02-2018
Deadline: Apr 26, 2018  

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The overall aim of this action is to support voluntary cooperation between Member States through the establishment and maintenance of a cooperative tool to exchange information on national policies in the area of pricing of medicinal products.

The grant will contribute to further establishing the Euripid database as an effective voluntary cooperation between Member States aiming at increasing capacity within pricing and reimbursement authorities with a view to ensure that health systems can perform better in the area of pharmaceutical expenditure and on pharmaceutical policies in generalThis action seeks to continue supporting the establishment and appropriate use of the data set on medicinal product prices (EURIPID) and on training and technical support to users of the database (helpdesk).

This action also aims at supporting further the activities necessary for the functioning of the database and the webpage:

  • maintaining an adequate level of the IT and web-page security and performing regular assesments of the security posture
  • validating in close cooperation with the Member States the quality of the price data that the authorities submit to the database.
  • standardizing the data and price information according to the agreed methodology and international guidelines.
  • ensure that the prices collected are pertinent in terms of pharmaceutical specialties and manage the interoperability with other EU databases
  • collecting actual and relevant price and reimbursement information and producing technical reports for the users in view to maximise the usefulness of the data base.

The action will also support the preparation and dissemination of regular newsletters to the users (on the project news but also on all major developments in the field of pricing and reimbursment at local, regional, national, EU and international level).

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