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Sport as a tool for integration and social inclusion of refugees
Deadline: Jun 16, 2021  
- 38 days

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 Child Care
 Gender Equality
 Aid to Refugees
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 Migrants and Refugees

In the continuation of the 2016 call for proposals on "Promoting HEPA policy measures and actions for refugees", and of the 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 call for proposals "Sport as a tool for integration and social inclusion of refugees", the current preparatory action will support the identification of good practices in Europe and the development of methods to assess their impact in a systematic and replicable manner.

The specific objective of this action is to promote the direct engagement of refugees and host communities within the EU and to promote a Europe-wide approach, increasing the potential for European host communities to successfully engage and integrate refugees through sport.

The term "refugee" indicates people having formal refugee status in an EU Member State as well as people who have officially applied for refugee status in the EU and whose applications have not yet been processed. People with a migration background who are not "refugees" are excluded from the scope of this call for proposals.

The implementation of the preparatory action will take due regard to complementarity with the EU Erasmus+ Sport programme, with the actions eligible under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), as well as with those currently funded under the pilot project ‘promoting health-enhancing physical activity across Europe.'

The activities must be enshrined within the framework of European common values and respect these essential principles and more particularly non-discrimination, tolerance and gender equality.

A non-exhaustive list of the main activities eligible under this call for proposals is listed below:

  • Sport activities aimed at promoting participation of refugees into EU societies
  • Preparation and training of sport coaches and staff who will work on integration and social inclusion of refugees through sport
  • Development, of activities and identification of good practices about participation of refugees into sport activities aimed at their integration into host societies.

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