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Operating grants to European environmental and/or climate NGOs - Call for proposals for LIFE Framework partnership agreements
Deadline: Jul 28, 2016  

 Natural Resources
 Environmental protection
 LIFE programme
 Climate Sciences

( Note: The text of this call is available to invited organisations. The following text is just a short introduction present in the page of the call. )

Framework partners, please be informed that EASME has published the LIFE NGO SGA 2016, covering your next financial year (2017) on 13 June 2016 with submission deadline, 28 July 2016.

The application forms are similar to the previous call, including the table with the overview on your work programme during the financial year (the table requested during revisions) plus more information on other on-going grants.

The financial forms are slightly simplified (mainly on the level of detail required for travel costs).

The invitation to submit your work plan for the next financial year was sent by email on 13 June 2016.

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