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MARKET4.0 Open call #1
Deadline: May 28, 2020  
- 54 days

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1 Introduction

This document provides a full set of information regarding the first Open Call for Proposals for the MARKET4.0 project. The Sub-Grantee Agreement model (Annex 4) remains also valid and must be additionally considered for the submission of a Proposal.

2 Background information on MARKET4.0

2.1 Market4.0 overview

Why: The overall concept is based on the recognition that it is currently not possible to procure complex equipment through digital platforms, as products are too complex for traditional e- commerce platforms, digital twinning is needed to assess their suitability and the delivery of a product is complex.

In addition, traditional platform approaches are based on a ‘winner-takes-all’ model, in which the platform with the biggest market share will survive. This makes equipment manufacturers, providers of simulation services and potential buyers reluctant to use traditional e-commerce platforms. They require a new type of business model, which includes new ways to protect their intellectual property.

What: To address these challenges MARKET4.0 develops an open multi-sided digital platform for enabling production equipment and service providers to connect and work together with manufacturing companies. The project aims to create technical and financial trust to prove payment, delivery and anonymised feedback in manufacturing B2B collaborations. MARKET4.0 provides a ‘plug & produce’ environment for equipment manufacturing companies and their customers within the European Union. MARKET4.0 develops an open multi-sided (supply and demand) digital platform for enabling production equipment and service providers to connect and work together with manufacturing companies. Creates technical and financial trust in manufacturing B2B collaboration.



In MARKET4.0 the supply side, mainly SMEs, may offer

• production equipment (hardware such as laser cutting machines, additive manufacturing equipment, plastic injection machines or high-tech equipment),

• services that extend the capabilities of the production equipment (e.g. production optimization services, predictive maintenance service, data analytics and more),

• production equipment as a service or manufacturing-on-demand (e.g. the spare production capacity offered to the customers of machining equipment in the metal sector) and

• collaborative engineering services (e.g. a customer needs an upgrade of production equipment).

The demand side includes industrial stakeholders such as OEMs and production system integrators that provide engineering services and act as mediators between production equipment suppliers and OEMs.

The following key-aspects are addressed by the MARKET4.0 platform:

  • • The customers of production equipment products and services such as OEMs and production equipment integrators using the apps provided by the platform should be able to search and browse for equipment or services, test their functionalities, using simulation and visualization services offered and compare them against each other. E-procurement services for matching product requirements to production capabilities will be offered by the platform. Moreover, cost estimate/calculation for production equipment and also comparison is offered.
  • The platform will provide a multi-sided ecosystem in which several stakeholders will interact under fair conditions that are assured by its supervisory mechanism. New stakeholders will be able to join the platform in a frictionless entry manner, quickly and easily begin participating in the value creation chain enabling “plug&produce”. This characteristic will enable the platform to grow rapidly almost without a boundary.

  • The business model to overcome the competition is freemium which means free access to public information (such as datasheets, videos, etc.) and services (such as basic simulation services, VR/AR) but payment for premium information and advanced simulation services (e.g. process optimization and heat-transfer to produced parts).

  • The platform will provide APIs and resources for enabling the development of new apps within a sophisticated App Store. This will include access to the Data app store service.

MARKET4.0 platform will enable new business, based on value-adding interactions among the production equipment and service providers and their customers while at the same time provides an open and participative infrastructure for these interactions and sets the governance conditions on them. MARKET4.0 provides a sustainable business environment as it creates revenues for all participating stakeholders. By making the MARKET4.0 platform accessible to all contributors and users (through its open, vendor-agnostic architecture), SMEs, and large companies across the entire manufacturing value chain will benefit. Individual users of the platform such as production equipment SMEs get revenues for selling production equipment and services to more customers, while final customers get value but improving time-to-market for their products by “plug&produce” solutions. Software and simulation service providers acquire revenues for the use of their services either from production equipment providers or final end-users. Finally, MARKET4.0 platform core owners get revenues by software and simulation providers for using the IDS based MARKET4.0 services.

More information at:


2.2 MARKET4.0 actors :

External User

This is any user that has access to public information of MARKET4.0. This user does not need to register to the platform/portal. However, he has limited access to platform/portal functionality.

Registered User

This is any user that has registered to the platform. There may be several types of users.

App provider

This is a registered user. The main role is to provide and maintain MARKET4.0 Apps.


This is a registered user. The main role is to sell products and services through the platform.


This is a registered user. He seeks to buy products or services through the platform

Service Provider

A registered user that provides some service to facilitate the interaction between supplier and customer (e.g. a 2D Nesting service provider that generate optimized layouts for the two-dimensional cutting of metal plates)

MARKET4.0 Admin

This actor represents the MARKET4.0 governance body. The body validates customers, suppliers, app provider and apps.

The following actors (see Figure 2 for relationships among them) are relevant in the MARKET4.0 ecosystem:

Table 1: MARKET4.0 Actors

MARKET4.0 Open Call #1 aims at expanding its marketplace by including more actors of type Supplier, App Provider and Service Provider. Moreover, through the business plan of the winning open call projects more Customers are expected to join the MARKET4.0 marketplace.




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