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Large-scale rollout of buildings renovation
Deadline: Jan 12, 2022  

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The aim of this topic is to facilitate a greater market uptake and large-scale rollout of holistic, industrialised deep renovation solutions for buildings, thereby supporting the implementation of the EU Renovation Wave strategy.

Industrial approaches to deep renovation have been shown to result in many benefits including faster, higher quality construction; less disruption to building occupants; less waste and fewer mistakes; reduced costs including over the building’s life cycle; better integration of design teams, decision makers, end users and other stakeholders. The objective is to accelerate the rate and depth of energy renovation, and to deliver higher quality renovations with enhanced certainty of energy savings, and a reduced performance gap through industrialised solutions.


In line with the Renovation Wave strategy, proposals should look at how to stimulate the volume and depth of building renovation through industrialised solutions with reduced inconvenience for occupants. Proposals could address different types of buildings, including as part of larger approaches, e.g. at district level. Furthermore, proposals should build on the lessons learnt from previous research and innovation projects that demonstrated innovative industrialised approaches for deep renovation of buildings. Such innovations have included standardised prefabrication and off-site construction, digital tools such as Building Information Modelling and Augmented Reality, compact and high quality plug & play technical building systems suitable for retrofitting. As well as technical solutions, innovations have also taken place in business models, performance guarantees, design and procurement processes, and a focus on the desires and needs of the end user. Proposals should tackle market barriers and stimulate the development of business models to accelerate rollout of industrialised deep renovation solutions. The focus should be on the whole value chain, from efficient design and construction methods with low embodied energy and embodied carbon to on-site works organisation and a commitment to guarantee a high performance, cost effective product for the end user, ensuring high levels of comfort and a high quality of indoor environment. Proposals should address the investment cost of renovation, the time needed on the building site and the consequent disturbance for building occupants. Proposals should make the whole renovation process more attractive for all those involved, from construction stakeholders and investors to building owners and occupants.

The Commission considers that proposals requesting a contribution from the EU of up to EUR 2 million would allow the specific objectives to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.

Expected Impact:

  • Cost optimal renovations delivered with a performance guarantee for the end user
  • Reduction of time for renovation works on the building site compared with standard practice
  • Demonstration of the effectiveness and replicability of the proposed solutions to lead to an increased rate of renovation
  • Primary energy savings/Renewable energy generation triggered by the project (in GWh/year)
  • Investments in sustainable energy triggered by the project (cumulative, in million Euro)
  • Reduction of the greenhouse gases emissions (in tCO2-eq/year) and/or air pollutants (in kg/year) triggered by the project

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