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Internal Security Fund Police: Mobile criminality - ISFP-2016-AG-MC-01
Deadline: Jan 17, 2017  

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The present Call for Proposals aims at funding projects in the area of mobile criminality. Project applications must aim at boosting the operational activities of the law enforcement, with regard to the mobile nature of organised criminal groups.

Project applications submitted under the present Call for Proposals must address at least one of the following priorities:

1. Organised property crime

2. Other criminal markets, including synergies between them, addressing the mobile nature of the phenomenon.

Proposals consisting exclusively in studies and/or conferences will not be considered for funding under this Call for Proposals.

Projects must be aiming to achieve one or more of the following operational outcomes:

Priority 1

  • Boost intelligence-led investigations, including cross-border investigations;

Priority 2

  • Develop detection and investigation methodologies tailored to the needs of different enforcement authorities (e.g. police, customs);
  • Enhance communication, coordination and cooperation between enforcement authorities and with relevant EU and international organisations and agencies such as Europol, Eurojust, Interpol, World Customs Organisation;
  • Develop training courses, including common events for police, customs and/or national competent authorities in the field of organised property crime;
  • Develop expertise and a strategic analysis of the phenomenon;
  • Gather statistics and intelligence for the purpose of threat and risk analysis tailored to the needs of different enforcement authorities (e.g. police, customs);
  • Explore and share good practices in investigating and prosecuting organised property crime cases;
  • Detect and analyse links with related areas of crime, such as corruption and illicit financial lows.

Project applications must ensure complementarity with the EU Policy Cycle, in particular with activities funded by Europol.

Any action under this Call for Proposals shall respect and shall be implemented in line with the rights and principles enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. Applications should pay appropriate attention to the effects of the project on individual rights and freedoms, as well as to possible remedies. In addition, any action under this Call for Proposals should comply with all relevant ethical principles and all applicable international, EU and national law on ethical issues while carrying out the project.

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