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First open call for Application Experiments – Up to €60K funding, technical and business coaching available to support European companies to develop smart applications.

Scope: FED4SAE is part of the Smart-Anything-Everywhere Initiative under the Horizon 2020 Leadership in Enabling Industrial Technologies (LEIT). The three-year project aims to facilitate the acceleration of European Cyber-Physical System (CPS) solutions to market and will boost digitization of European industry by strengthening companies’ competitiveness in the CPS market. By creating a pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs with leading industrial companies providing multiple industrial platforms and R&D centers providing access to several advanced platforms and test beds, the FED4SAE project will harness the benefits of existing regional tech and businesses ecosystems across complete value chains and multiple competencies to enable European startups, SMEs and midcap companies in all sectors to build and create new digital products and services through three open calls. The project mission also includes innovation management – linking these companies to suppliers and investors to create innovative CPS solutions and accelerate their development and industrialization.

What we offer: Through this 1st open call, FED4SAE provides a unique marketplace organized as a one-stop-shop providing access to technologies, technical expertise, business and financial services to develop new and innovative CPS solutions based on existing industrial platforms, advanced technologies & several test beds and innovation management. Successful Application Experiments (AEs) are based on collaboration with at least one of our industrial platforms, advanced platforms and networking partners. Technology access and assistance from the industrial platform partners along with expertise, know-how, coaching, design support, tech transfer and access to several advanced technologies and testbeds are provided by our advanced platform partners. Innovation management from our innovation management partners – linking applicants to suppliers, well-connected business infrastructures and existing regional innovation hubs – ensures the relevant conditions for innovation adoption and access to further investments to facilitate the industrialization of the developed CPS solutions. Such an offer will enable the rapid development, lower the entry costs for the design and optimization of your novel CPS solutions and accelerates the market entry of your proposed CPS solution. The expected duration of the Application Experiment is from 9 to a maximum of 18 months. The average funding per applicant is 50k€ with a maximum of 60k€ for one, at a funding rate of 70% of the budget. Multiple experiments per applicants are possible, with a total maximum funding for all experiments of 100k€ (through all three open calls).

How to enter: You are invited to submit Application Experiment proposals, targeting an innovative CPS solution, for exciting new markets, such as smart cities, smart agriculture, smart food, smart health and wellbeing, smart building, smart transport, etc. Each AE must focus on at least one of the following areas:

  • Software-intensive AE: Building a system solution using existing programmable CPS software platforms and complementary advanced software platforms. The AE will cover access enablement to the FED4SAE industrial platforms, embedded software development complementary competences from research institute/advanced platform partner and eventually test bed validation. The outcome of such an experiment will be a software prototype demonstrator running on a FED4SAE industrial platform.
  • System integration AE: Building an innovative system solution using existing software and hardware components. Such an AE offers access to a broad range of competencies (system expertise, product technical experts, design kits, API) through the FED4SAE consortium. The AE will cover hardware-software integration and access enablement to both the industrial platforms and the complementary competences from research institute/advanced platform provider and eventually test bed validation. The outcome of such an AE will be an integrated system prototype demonstrator.
  • CPS and Embedded System with innovative component AE: Building an integrated Hardware-Software prototype requiring specific hardware-software components. Such AEs rely on access enablement to FED4SAE industrial platforms and complementary competences from research institute/advanced platform partner. The AE will only cover hardware-software architecture study to define the needs in terms of enablement for access to core platforms. The outcome will be system architecture virtual prototype demonstrator of the CPS and Embedded System product

The FED4SAE Application Experiments are expected to be designed and developed on a collaboration based on at least one of the following seven FED4SAE industrial platforms:

  • STM32F platform from STMicroelectronics France
  • WeSu platform and ODE-STM32 Nucleo Expansion Boards from STMicroelectronics Italy
  • Compute Card from Intel – a credit card sized computer.
  • Neural Compute Stick from Intel –Computer Vision at the edge.
  • TIME4SYS from Thales
  • Integrated and Open Development Platform from AVL
  • Silicon Platform Architectural Study from STMicroelectronics & CEA France

Additional services will be provided by our networking partners and at least one of the advanced platform partners, whose services include access to advanced technologies and testbeds. Details of these are to be found on the www.fed4sae.eu website:

  • Silicon Impulse, LINC, Sensinact and SigmaFusion from CEA
  • WiseNET ,GPS free localization solver, Vision in a Package, Hyper Visio, WiseDep Chemical Sensing, Soft Mems, Adv Mfg & package from CSEM
  • π-Fab from FhG
  • AIDE from KTH
  • Eclipse 4diac from fortiss
  • Reliability testbed from BME
  • Products and Technologies Living-lab testbed from CEA
  • Lorawan LPWAN Testbed from DigiCat
  • Research Concept Vehicle testbed from KTH
  • Santander Smart City testbed from UNICAN

The testbed environments brought by our research institutes will enable applicants to test and validate their innovative CPS solutions in real or quasi-real environments. The Application Experiment will receive business case support by the innovation management partners.

Interested SME and mid-Cap companies are encouraged to review details of these platforms and technologies on the www.fed4sae.eu or contact one of the FED4SAE project members listed below to find out more:

  • CEA Leti A, N, IM (France)
  • Intel Research and Development Ireland CPS (Ireland)
  • STMicroelectronics SRL CPS (Italy)
  • STMicroelectronics Grenoble CPS (France)
  • Thales SA A,N,CPS (France)
  • AVL List GmbH A,N,CPS (Austria)
  • Digital Catapult A,N,IM (UK)
  • Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft A,N,IM (Germany)
  • fortiss GmbH A,N,IM (Germany)
  • CSEM A,N,IM (Switzerland)
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology A,N,IM (Sweden)
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics A,N,IM (BME) (Hungary)
  • Cantabria University A,N,IM (UNICAN) (Spain)
  • Blumorpho SAS N,IM (France)

(N = Networking Partner, A = Advanced platform partner, CPS = CPS Industrial Partner, IM=Innovation management partner)

The networking partners in FED4SAE are pleased to help applicants with registration, submitting proposals and finding the right industrial platforms and advanced platform partners. Applicants should use the proposal template when writing their proposals. Important guidance is included in the proposal template, as well as in our Guide for Applicants. The documents and more details on eligibility criteria, the FED4SAE partners and their roles, as well as the offered platforms and services are available at www.fed4sae.eu.

First open call for Application Experiments

Call opening: November 14th, 2017
Call deadline: February 6th, 2018, 5pm (Brussels Time)
Call acceptance: March 20th, 2018
Call identifier: FED4SAE01 call
Proposal language: English

Web page (full call text/proposal guidelines/standard agreement): www.fed4sae.eu
Email address (information): isabelle.dor@cea.fr

Public link:   Only for registered users

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