Cross4Health 1st OPEN CALL
Deadline: 16 May 2018   CALL EXPIRED


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Summary for the Open Call

1. Cross4Health Overview

Cross4Health is a 2.5 year, €5 million project, funded by the European Commission (Horizon 2020). During this period, a total amount of €3.5 million will be invested directly in SMEs, in order to foster collaboration, transfer of knowledge and opportunities among European SMEs coming from Aerospace and Energy leveraged on Biotechnology, ICT and Medical Devices sectors.

The mechanisms envisaged for ensuring this purpose are based on the concept of Open Calls and specific related events (Ideas Contest Events, Hackathons, Workshops, etc.).

During the lifetime of this project are foreseen:

  • 2 Open Calls,

  • 2 European Innovation Ideas Contest Events,

  • 3 Hackathons,

  • 1 Innovation Bootcamp,

  • Additional Workshops.


2. First Cross4Health Open Call

Cross4Health 1st Open Call for innovative projects patient-centered personalized care will remain open from the 15th of February until the 16th of May 2018 at 17:00 CET (Central European Time).

By applying to the 1st Cross4Health Open Call, the teams will compete to get engaged in the 1st Cross4Health Acceleration Programme, where up to 10 projects (a maximum of 20 SMEs) will obtain support worth up to 60,000€ (per SME partner in the project, limited to max 180,000€) and distributed as follows:

  • €25,000 in Direct Cash Funding per SME partner
  • Up to €30,000 per SME partner in Innovation Services:
    • Up to €15,000 per SME partner in Innovation Vouchers to be used in services provided by external providers.
    • Up to €15.000 per SME partner in additional services provided by Consortium Partners.
  • €5,000 additional cash funding per SME for projects joining the Fast Lane Programme.


3. First Cross4Health Acceleration Programme

The whole Acceleration Programme will last a maximum of 9 months, indicatively, from July 2018 to April 2019. Plus, a maximum of 3 teams who request it and demonstrate sufficient capabilities and maturity level could join a Fast Lane Programme, a minimum of five months of execution with intense support.

The Cross4Health Acceleration Programme is non-residential; all collaboration with teams will, a priori, be done remotely unless geographical proximity permits otherwise.

Selected teams from the Open Call will become Cross4Health project Sub-grantees and will be required to sign a Sub-Grant Agreement with the Cross4Health Project Coordinator.

A Key Account Manager (KAM) will be assigned and will mentor and guide the team through the whole Acceleration Programme. Each KAM belongs to one of the Cross4Health Consortium Partner entities and will be carefully monitoring the project status. He/she will be discussing with the teams and making recommendations so as to align the innovation services with the specific needs of a given team, helping to setup the best possible service package for each team to deliver its objectives.

The Direct Funding is perceived as an investment to help SMEs to achieve their planned milestones. It will be equity free and no cost reporting will be required. Funds and support will be disbursed directly to each SME in the team. Teams will have to provide a breakdown of the distribution of funds among the SMEs in the team; only SMEs can be beneficiaries, but other organization can be part of the team.

Acceleration Programme payments distribution

M1 => 1ST pre-financing payment => 10,000*

M5 => Mid-term payment => 10,000*

M 10 => Final payment => 5,000*

M 10 => Innovation Voucher => Up to 15,000*

* Per SME


4. First Open Call Challenge stotackle

This 1st Open Call is open to cross health solutions based on a combination of different sectors. These solutions should help meet the needs of health care providers in Europe. Connected care, innovations from aerospace and energy sector can be a catalyst for such solutions.

Based on the initial analysis of health challenges and subsequent interviews with Cross4Health cluster partners the following three key challenges are proposed:

  1. Provide safe remote care: The challenge is to help patients to undertake shared management of chronic diseases in order to remain independent and active in their communities using connected care solutions along the continuum of care.

  2. Optimized care environment of hospitals and other care institutions: This challenge is looking for solutions for more efficient care environments that support an approach to care that is predictive, preventative, personalised and participatory.

  3. 3. Faster process from sample to result: The challenge is looking into solutions allowing for faster, more affordable, less invasive and more reliable sampling, testing and diagnosis.


5. WhocanApply?

The following eligibility criteria must be complied to, in order to get through to the evaluation process:

  • The Open Call is open to teams composed of, at least, two legal entities which must come from different countries and sectors of the value chain covered by Cross4Health.

  • Teams must be led by an SME (under the EU definition)1 and composed of minimum two SMEs, legally established as a business and based in an EU member state or H2020 associated country.

  • Beyond the minimum requirement to have two SMEs in the team, other partner(s) may be an end user, a large enterprise an additional SME, etc., so long as they are a legal entity based in an EU member state or H2020 associated country.

  • It is a requirement that teams demonstrate the implementation of ideas and solutions from aerospace and energy sectors in addressing the specific healthcare.

  • A Technology Readiness Level2 (TRL) 5 (in the sector which the technology is being transferred from) is required. In addition, the selection will be based on the excellence of the proposed idea to address the identified healthcare challenge, the maturity and the management capacity of the team to drive project to the market, and the potential of the proposed solution to scale-up in the international market.

  • Already existing products without a clear advance or innovation beyond the state-of-art will be rejected.

  • Project activities that have already been funded or are being funded will be rejected. Double funding is not allowed.

  • SMEs can be part of more than one application but can only be funded in one of those. 6. HowtoApply?

Register at the Cross4Health website (, and complete the application electronically in English before May 16th2018 at 17:00, CET (Central European Time). All applications will be processed through the private website. This application process involves the submission of:

  • 10 pages application form

  • 10 slide pitch deck.

  • Short video presenting the team

  • Declarations of Honour – each applicant has to sign one

  • Declaration of an internal Consortium Agreement (CA).

English is the official language for the open calls. Submissions done in any other languages will not be evaluated.


7. EvaluationProcess

The Open Call evaluation process is structured as follows:
1) Eligibility Check. A first review will be performed by an Evaluation Committee,

composed by Consortium Partners.

2) External Experts Evaluation. Two external evaluators will review each proposal in a cross-national system, consisting of two non-local reviewers.

3) Cross4Health Evaluation Committee will oversee and validate the evaluation process, and will check there is no conflict of interest, fraud, double funding, or any partner exceeding the 60.000€ threshold.

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