8th Call - Building the Foundation of the JPIAMR VRI
Deadline: 04 Jul 2018   CALL EXPIRED

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Participating countries & eligibility

Applications must be led by a coordinator from an eligible institution within one of the JPIAMR participating countries, see below.

A Network must involve 15 representatives from organisations from 10 different countries, of which at least 3 must be from JPIAMR countries contributing funding to this call. It is also recommended to include at least one partner from a LMIC.

Individuals cannot act as Network coordinator for more than one proposal.

Members can be added continuously to the Network as it develops.

Each funding organisation would potentially fund any high quality Network, involving eligible participants, on any topic.

Networks may combine two or more topics into one application.

In the course of the JPIAMR peer review process, merging of related Networks applying on similar and complimentary topics may be suggested.


Consortia of eligible scientists from Canada (Canadian Institutes for Health Research CIHR), Egypt (Academy of Scientific Research & Technology ASRT), France (National Research Agency ANR), Germany (The Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF), Italy (Ministry of Health It-MOH), Netherlands (The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development ZonMW), Norway (The Research Council of Norway RCN), Spain (The National Institute of Health Carlos III), Sweden (The Swedish Research Council VR) and United Kingdom (Medical Research Council MRC, a Council of UK Research and Innovation UKRI)

Please note: The content of the call described in this pre-announcement is indicative and may be subject to changes and is not legally binding to the funding organisations.




This Network call aims to identify research community needs and develop ideas to form the foundation for the JPIAMR-VRI.

JPIAMR recognises a need to reinforce alignment of research. To promote this, the JPIAMR will establish a Virtual Research Institute in AMR (“the JPIAMR-VRI”) – a Global Network connecting research performing organisations, including institutes, centres, and infrastructures.

The intent of the call is to form Networks of motivated groups to conceptualise and develop the JPIAMR-VRI. The Networks should identify research community needs, develop catalytic ideas and strategic plans to help bring the JPIAMR-VRI to life!

Up to 22 Networks will be funded with up to €50,000 each to connect experts from research performing organisations and establish expertise clusters in the AMR community.

Note that JPIAMR Network calls do not fund research projects.



Scope of the call

The JPIAMR-VRI will provide a platform to increase coordination, improve visibility of the AMR researcher base, facilitate knowledge exchange and capacity development across the globe, covering the full One Health spectrum.

The JPIAMR-VRI is expected to:

1. Connect AMR researchers across the JPIAMR priority topics in a One Health approach

2. Build capacity and strengthen capability

3. Facilitate access to scientific information and infrastructures

4. Bridge geographic borders in the research community through global reach

5. Break practical barriers between geographies and fields of research

6. Increase awareness and visibility of the AMR issue

7. Encourage the use of scientific evidence to inform policy and guideline makers


Applicants are invited to form JPIAMR Networks that will provide plans to develop the JPIAMR-VRI.


JPIAMR-VRI Networks may tackle one or more of the suggested focal areas below. These examples are neither mandatory nor limiting. Network tasks should address needs at a national and international level, include Low and Middle Income Country (LMIC) aspects and consider the One Health approach.

Develop blueprints: strategic focus, governance, funding, infrastructure, engagement, implementation, theuniquesellingpointoftheJPIAMR-VRI,and/or addressing innovative “out of the box” ideas

Develop a Communication and Knowledge Translation Strategy

Develop a Partnership Strategy to ensure key stakeholders and other networks are engaged and coordinate the alignment of other funded Networks

Develop a Strategic Action Plan on Training to identify opportunities for capacity building and strengthen capability

Develop a plan for a Global Platform for data sharing (e.g. clinical samples/data, scientific information and infrastructures including libraries or catalogues)

Develop a Map of other funded Networks (e.g. current information on expertise, fields of interest, demographics, available technologies and resources)




May 14th, 2018 – Call for proposals open

July 4th, 2018 – Deadline for submission of proposals

September – Evaluation Meeting and funding recommendation to national funding agencies

December 2018/Early 2019 – Expected Network start (also subject to national procedures)

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